iPhone Casino Guide: Gamble on This Compatible Platform!

There’s a plethora of mobile casino games on the market – a field which now grows faster than ever as new game-changing technology pops up nearly every year. Nevertheless, fans of online gambling have the added task of finding a good iPhone casino for real money in the sea of numerous casual play money apps. If you’re one of these players, this page has got just the right stuff for you, and you’ll leave richer in information on the best online casino mobile apps in the industry.

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The guide that follows will give you an overview of the best iPhone casino apps, tried and texted by the gaming experts who put this domain together. On top of that, you’ll find a quick summary of what makes native apps different from browser-based ones and get a few shout-outs to the best smartphone casino games for iPhone users.

iPhone Casino Games on a Web App

To start off on a more straightforward note, by now it’s become pretty much standard for online casinos to offer browser-based gaming in the format of the so-called web apps. Though not really ‘apps’ per se, these mobile optimisation solutions let you gamble by simply accessing an operator of your choice through your standard browser, working with HTML5 formatting. This means that the page adapts for viewing on your iPhone model, whether a cutting-edge new model or not. Navigation is usually simplified to let you glide through the page and between games with minimum effort, and the games themselves are also adjusted for a smaller screen with a smart layout and handy shortcuts. If the download-free status is not enough of an argument, web apps are generally more flexible for adapting software and thus allow a bigger number of games to be transferred to an HTML5 platform since no further device-specific customisation is needed. The result may be a bigger game choice, compared with downloadable apps. We’ll let you read up on the nitty gritty in our mobile gaming guide, where you’ll find further pros and cons of web apps.

Download and Play: The Best Casino Slots for iPhone, plus Other Games!

For those who prefer a native app over a browser-based one, good news – online casino apps in the UK tend to be readily available in the App Store. That means you’re just a few steps away from having a dedicated gambling app at your fingertips. The download is easy-peasy: all you need to do is head to the App Store, find the iPhone app from your chosen gambling operator, and download. Same as with iPads, the finished product is a tailor-made solution for your iOS version, with adjusted navigation commands and a lower data usage than with web apps.

  • Open the App Store and locate the search button
  • Find your online casino app of choice and download
  • Open your app and arrive in the lobby
How to Download
Open the App Store as usual. You can use the search function to locate the specific online casino app or simply browse the appropriate category and find it there.
Choose An Operator
Once you’ve found your operator of choice, install the app. This is done by simply clicking ‘Install’ in order to commence the download. No further settings adjustments are necessary.
Open and Register
You’re good to go and can open the app! Note that if you’re new to the casino, you’ll have to register first to play for real money. If you’re an existing member, just log in!

We should mention that both app types encompass a wide range of iPhone casino games, so there’s something to get into for everyone. Generally speaking, all of the major casino game categories are also well represented on a mobile platform, though here it depends on how old or young the game is. This may affect whether it’s been formatted into a mobile version – here, as mentioned, web apps share an advantage since they only need one type of reformatting. So, with native apps, you might find that table or card games show up in smaller numbers sometimes, or some older slots may not be available. Nevertheless, the best casino slots for iPhone will always be prepped for mobile use. Our advice when looking for the best casino games for iPhone would be to keep an eye out for dynamic and modern creations by our favourite software providers Netent, Playtech or Microgaming – who provide plenty of up-to date solutions not only for slots, but also popular roulette and card games.

Is It Safe to Play at an iPhone Casino for Real Money?

There’s truly no cause for concern when dealing with iPhone casino mobile apps in terms of safety and security for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you might be aware that different countries enjoy different levels of accessibility with gambling apps – as is the case in Germany,for instance, where Apple’s guidelines actually prohibit them from appearing in the App Store. This is quite different from the UK regulations, which are slightly different. In a nutshell, to be featured in the App Store, online casinos must have the proper certification in place. What makes the difference here is the fact that licenses given by the UK Gambling Commission are extensive and thorough, comprehensively covering all aspects of the gambling market in its various forms. As such, these approvals of business provide cover for every facet of online gambling and therefore leave fewer doubts for Apple. The result is that all licensed and monitored casinos can be featured as casino apps in the app store without issue. You can read up more on this in our general introduction to the topic.

No Special Bonuses for iPhone Users

Though we’re looking at a totally different platform here with mobile device-specific casino gaming, there are no special rewards for UK players who choose to use their iPhones for some real money gambling. Instead, if your chosen operator offers any welcome bonuses on their desktop website, the same rewards and incentives will be available in the iPhone app, whether native or browser-based. If you find that the casino you’ve picked offers no bonus, then check your preferences again – there are plenty of online gambling destinations which offer attractive sign-up bonuses to new players.

Claim your bonus on an iPhone the same way as on desktop - click and claim

Claiming your bonus in-app could not be any simpler. The process is really no different from what you would’ve done on a desktop version. Typically, a landing page banner will lead you to the bonus overview, and from then on, all you need to do is claim the bonus by signing up and following the steps on the screen.

The Best Casino Games for iPhone are Just a Click Away

As you can see, real money casino apps for iPhone are rich in number and variety, offering not only the typically popular slot games, but also a wealth of card and table games, or even arcade games and live suites. While some may prefer the point blank approach of browser-based HTML5 apps, with their easy access and flexibility, native iPhone apps also bring some pluses along, so there’s really a case for both, given you’ve found your preferred iPhone casino games on both platforms. We’ve mentioned that mobile phone casino apps are pretty much a standard for any casino worth its salt, so if you’d like some additional ideas, head over to our top-rated casino test overview. Otherwise, save yourself the hassle and visit our recommended operator in the link below and play to your heart’s content.

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