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Live casino Sic Bo, also known as tai sai, dai sui – or hi-lo in English – is a truly unique casino game originating in ancient China. The game is played with three dice and remains popular in Asia today. You will find Sic Bo tables at all the grand casinos of Macau and since 2002 the game has been legally available in online casinos in the UK.

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Live dealer Sic Bo, which takes its literal meaning from the Chinese for ‘precious dice’, is based around betting on certain outcomes of rolling three dice. The game is not as widely available as live blackjack or live roulette across UK operators, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find it. We’ve searched the best Sic Bo live casinos and tested the games for you in order to be able to recommend the best places to play.

Live Casino Sic Bo: A Unique Game

The premise of live dealer Sic Bo is very simple. This is a game of chance in its purest form. Players predict the outcome of three dice being rolled by placing chips on a roulette-like game table. Just like in roulette, placing multiple bets is common. Betting options range from single numbers, the total value of the dice, and big or small number totals. Once all bets have been placed the dice are rolled and winners are paid. All wagers are placed using virtual chips in the live dealer version available online in the UK today, and table limits are typically wide – a £1 minimum bet up to a £1,000 maximum bet is common.

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Sic Bo in Asia has evolved and sparked several spin-offs and variations of the game. Grand Hazard is a dice gambling game derived from Sic Bo where dice are shaken in a cup before players bet on the outcome and the cup is lifted to reveal the winners. In the United States, Chuck-a-luck was once common in Las Vegas casinos and also involved rolling dice and betting on the outcome. In the UK today, only classic Sic Bo is available as a live dealer game, but if it continues to rise in popularity, expect to see more variations coming to these shores soon.

Why Play Live Dealer Sic Bo?

One of the most compelling reasons to play live dealer Sic Bo in an online casino is its uniqueness. We love thelive dealer blackjack and poker games, but let’s face it – the experience can feel a little samey across card games. Live dealer Sic Bo is like nothing else, and is a welcome respite from all that green felt. Software developers in the UK are currently offering some of the best live casino Sic Bo games on the market today. Features include multiple camera options, flexible betting limits, live chat and expert Asian dealers. The live version of the game is also great for those looking for ultimate transparency in their online gaming worlds, and do not want to deal with Random Number Generators. The dice are rolled in a small plastic housing – reminiscent if those family board games you used to play as kids – with close-up camera angles for vigilant inspection. The expert live dealers are always happy to answers questions in the chat and do an excellent job of describing all the action so it’s easy to follow.

Sic Bo Software Providers in the UK

Live Sic Bo games are currently operated by Playtech. The company’s tables are streamed live from its Asian studio in Manila, The Philippines. Broadcasts are in HD and the experience is as good as anything else out there with the exception of possibly Evolution Gaming’s European studio. The nice thing about Playtech’s live offering is its multiple camera options and variable table limits, something Evolution rarely offers. This makes the game perfect for both casual players and the high-rollers of Macau. Unfortunately, live dealer Sic Bo is not currently available on mobile platforms.

The Best Site for Live Sic Bo

The online casino market in the UK is a crowded right now and with so much choice and rapid growth, it’s difficult to know where to turn if you’re new to the game. Fortunately, we’re here for you. Our testing process is rigorous, and we know this market inside out. Choosing the best live Sic Bo casino was not an easy task, but we came to our decision after hours of playing across all the best online casinos in the UK today. If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual fleet of live roulette and blackjack games, Sic Bo could be just the perfect change of pace. Believe the hype with this one.

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