The Must-Read Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

If you want to start playing real-money games online don’t make the same mistakes that thousands if not millions of players have made before you. Take it from a person that has learned the hard way. In the dawn of online gambling there weren’t these types of online casino guides for beginners and only the experience could lead you in the right direction. Today, you can reduce the risks of gambling on the Internet to zero by just following a few simple rules of thumb and avoiding some really basic mistakes. Now I know that time is money but sparing some minutes to scan through this very detailed guide might just save you some serious headaches in the future, so don’t miss out!

13 Rookie Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Maybe it would seem more logical for this guide to start with information on how online casinos work or with a walk‑through on how to open a real-money casino account. Don’t worry, we’ll get there, but my number one priority in writing this article is to spare you some unpleasant experiences as a beginner player, ones that I definitely wish someone had warned me about when I was first starting to play online. So here it is, the list of the 13 most common beginner mistakes in online gambling:

1 – Not Checking If the Casino Is Legal

Type:Government Agency
Legal status:Non-departmental public body
Parent body:Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Checking if an online casino is licensed and regulated according to the laws of your country is quite easy. This is why it still doesn’t fail to surprise me how many new casino players forget this essential step. For British players in particular it cannot be made simpler: the only authority that can issue a UK gambling licence is the Gambling Commission. If you see their seal in the footer of the site you’re thinking of playing at and you can find the casino’s registry number with their licence search tool, then you can be sure that the operator is safe and trustworthy.

As for other countries, there are different regulatory bodies and laws concerning online gambling in the different states. Most European countries consider legal all casinos that are licensed by any international gambling regulator, the most prominent among which are the Gibraltar Gambling Authority, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta or the Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming. There are some countries though, like Italy and Spain for example, whose online gambling markets are closed to casinos that are licensed by any other authority but their own.

2 – Choosing a New Casino Without Much Reputation

Out of all the licensed casinos that you can pick, there’s really no reason to choose a new casino that has yet to prove that they deserve a place among the best. New casinos often don’t have many promotions except a sign up bonus and still haven’t cleaned up their terms and conditions from gaps and ambiguities. Go for the online casinos that have proven to be the best over the years. They can offer you much more both in terms of bonuses and games. On top of that their security level is much higher and their support is way more experienced in dealing with all kinds of problems.

3 – Registering with a Fake Name

Registering at Online Casinos with a Fake NameOh, boy… Out of all the mistakes a beginner can make, this is probably the worst one. All licensed online casinos are obliged by law to require proof of identity from their customers at one point or another. In some rare cases the verification process takes place within a few weeks after the registration but usually it has to be completed before your first withdrawal.

Imagine the worst-case scenario: you register at an online casino with a fake name, you start playing, you have a big win and your account is suspended for providing false personal details. In this case you will never be able to withdraw your winnings. So be smart about it and register with your real name and contact information. If you’ve chosen a casino that has a licence you have nothing to worry about. They will keep your information safe and secure and won’t provide it to third parties.

4 – Not Checking Which Payment Methods the Casino Accepts

As every new experience, playing real-money games online for the first time can be quite exciting and a bit overwhelming. Because of that it often happens that new players forget to check important little details like whether the casino accepts their payment method of choice. After all, if you, for example, want to deposit with PayPal then you’re only interested in casino sites that accept PayPal payments. You can avoid quite a lot of troubles by simply checking the site’s banking page, so make sure you do that. PayPal is actually one of the best options you have. If you decide to use it, you’ll have to provide your banking details only to the payment processor and not to the casino you’re playing at. Other payment methods that allow you to do that are the prepaid cards Ukash and Paysafecard and the famous e-wallet Skrill, previously known as Moneybookers.

Recommended Casino Payment Methods

5 – Not Reading the Terms and Conditions

I often see comments left by obvious newbies in the field of online gambling saying that a certain casino is rogue because you see they ask them for identity check at their first attempt at withdrawal or because the casino has a certain maximum limit for the withdrawals. Well, if these players had checked the terms and conditions of the online gambling sites they were playing at, they would’ve found out that this is more than a standard practice. I know that checking the box ‘I have read the terms and conditions’ without even opening the T&C file or page is a common practice on the Internet, but you should at least do it when you plan on spending real money on the site. Often new players are upset or disappointed just because of their lack of knowledge. You should consider that the real-money gambling sector is under strict regulation in every country, which means that to a great extent the T&C are the way they are just because the law requires it. So be smart about it and familiarise yourself with the casino’s terms and policies before depositing or even before registering.

6 – Not Knowing What Games the Casino Has

Why does a person register at an online casino? Simple logic would suggest that they want to play a certain game for real money on the Internet. It still amazes me how some players fail to check out the casino’s game selection before registering. After all, if you want to play video poker but the casino you’ve registered at offers only slots, roulette and blackjack, you’re bound to be left disappointed.

7 – Not Knowing the Rules of the Games You Play

Though many believe that all casino games are dependent only on luck, that’s not always the case. Take blackjack or video poker for example were playing with the perfect strategy can significantly reduce the house edge. But even if that wasn’t the case, there’s no logic in playing a real-money game without knowing the rules and your chances for a win. It might seem for example that all online slot games are the same but if you take a closer look at them, you’ll quickly realise that certain variations have a better return-to-player ratio than others. But even more than that, certain slots offer more features like bonus games and free spins which not only make your experience more entertaining but also give you more opportunities for a win. So make sure you get to know the game better before you start playing. You can easily do that by trying it in practice mode first and checking out the help section of the game.

Theoretical RTP of Some Popular Online Casino Games
Iron Man 295.98% Blackjack (Playtech)99.53% Jacks of Better (Playtech)99.54%
Starburst96.10% Blackjack Switch (Playtech)99.87% Aces and Faces (Playtech)99.00%
Gladiator94.09% Pontoon (Playtech)99.64% All American (Playtech)99.38%
Tomb Raider96.56% UK Blackjack (Playtech)99.47% Deuces Wild (Playtech)98.91%
Thunderstruck96.10% Perfect Blackjack (Playtech)99.52% Joker Poker (Playtech)99.58%
Millionaire Genie95.02% Blackjack Surrender (Playtech)97.62% Aces & Faces (Microgaming)95.89%
Gonzo’s Quest96.00% American Roulette94.74% Jacks or Better (888)98.25%
Zuma Slot95.75% European Roulette97.30% Deuces Wild (888)97.97%

8 – Falling for the Gambler’s Fallacy

Many players believe that if a certain hand/spin gives you a fifty-fifty chance for a win, you have a bigger chance to win after a loss. While our brains make some weird sense of this assumption, the fact to the matter is that it’s wrong. This phenomenon is called ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’. The truth is that if every separate hand has a fifty-fifty percent chance to be a winning one, that doesn’t change the chances for the next hands. The odds will always be 50-50. Contrary to this simple truth, when people see for example a long streak of red on the roulette, they immediately assume that a streak of blacks is coming. This is why so many people have been burned by adopting progressive betting strategies like Martingale which are based on exactly these wrong assumptions. Even though progressive betting is theoretically ‘infallible’, somehow it always fails.

9 – Not Playing Responsibly

While playing casino games on the Internet is entertaining and potentially profitable, it could also be dangerous for some people. I’m talking about players vulnerable to addiction which have no control over their urges to bet. This is why it’s extremely important that you educate yourself on responsible gambling and adopt some safety practices like determining a daily/weekly/monthly limit on the money you can bet. You can find out more about problem gambling and how to protect yourself and your close ones from it on the websites of the most prominent organisations promoting responsible gambling:

Gamble Aware – Promoting Responsibility in GamblingGamCare's Official WebsiteThe UK Charity 'Responsible Gambling Trust

10 – Not Understanding How the Bonuses Work

One of the biggest advantages online casinos have in comparison to land-based ones is the numerous bonus opportunities. But you cannot fully benefit from this advantage if you don’t know how it works. Most casino bonuses are equal to a certain percentage of the deposit you make. Usually, this percentage can be anywhere between 10% and 200% of your deposit. If, for example, the casino offers you a 200% up to £300 bonus, then if you deposit £100 you’ll get £200 in bonus. Furthermore, there are many different bonus types, such as no-deposit bonus, referral bonus, cashback bonus and so on. All these offers have different conditions that must be met in order for the bonuses to be released and then there are other conditions for the bonuses to be transformed into withdrawable money which are called wagering or playthrough requirements. As you can imagine if you don’t know well the terms and conditions of the bonus offers and the types of bonuses, it won’t be very easy for you to claim and withdraw one. You can find more detailed information about the different types of offers on our dedicated casino bonus page.

11 – Not Checking the Support before Registering

Importance of the Online Casinos Support CentresMany beginner casino players ignore the importance of having a responsive and professional customer support service at their disposal preferably 24/7. After all anything could happen. You might need help making a deposit or a withdrawal or claiming a bonus. You might forget your password or have some other question or problem that needs immediate attention. In such cases it’s always nice to be able to get help from knowledgeable people any time of the day. It’s also important for the customer support to be reachable in different ways: via live chat, phone, email or even fax, whichever is more convenient for you. If you want to know more about the support centres of the top UK operators don’t forget to check out our detailed reviews. You can find a list of the online casinos we’ve reviewed here.

12 – Not Considering YOUR Personal Preferences

Yet another beginner mistake is to take advice as to which casino to choose from people that have different preferences. For example, if your favourite game is Book of Ra why would you choose to play at a casino that doesn’t offer it, no matter how reputable it is? If you would like to make payments using Ukash, you should be looking only for online casinos that support Ukash deposits. A good strategy to finding the right casino for YOU is to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you want from the casino: the games you want to play, the deposit methods you’re interested in, maybe the software platforms you like. You may also consider which live-dealer games the casino offers and whether you would like to play from your PC or mobile device. After you prepare the list you can check if the top recommended casino has what you’re looking for. If not, go to suggestion number two. As long as the casino is thoroughly licensed and regulated, you still be in good hands.

13 – Not having fun!

Yes, you have the possibility to win a staggering amount of money when you play online but that doesn’t happen everyday, and unfortunately doesn’t happen to everyone. Your main focus should never be only the money, but rather the entertainment value of playing real-money games on the Internet. Look at it as going to a disco or to the movies: it’s a pleasant pastime for which you pay. The difference is that in the case of online casino games you not only have fun but you also have the chance to win real money. Don’t ever forget to enjoy yourself!

Understanding How Online Casinos Work

A big part of staying safe and taking the most out of the experience of playing real-money games online is understanding how virtual casinos work. Knowing more about the games and the software offered by the online operators is also a great way to shed all your doubts about their honesty and fairness. This is why we’re continuing our online casino guide for beginners with basic information about the most important aspects of Internet casinos.

The Software

Online casinos are basically gaming platforms that allow users to play real-money games on the Internet. These platforms are developed internally by the company that operates them or by specialised casino software houses. The different casino platforms contain different games and give the players different betting and gaming options. Often you can say a lot about the casino just by knowing which the software provider is. For example, all casinos that are powered by Playtech offer DC Comics-themed games which aren’t available on any other platform. Microgaming Casinos, on the other hand, offer other exclusive titles like Game of Thrones and The Dark Knight Rises, while among NetEnt’s Exclusive games you’ll find many player favourites like Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Aliens. You can learn more about the different software providers and their platforms on our casino software page.

Unique Casino Games Offered by the Top Software Providers
Gonzo’s Quest Wonder Woman Slot Game of Thrones
South Park The Mummy The Dark Knight Rises
Aliens Video Slot Blackjack Switch Jurassic Park Slot
Starburst 50-Line Jacks or Better ThunderStruck Slot
Mega Fortune Pick’em Poker Atlantic City Blackjack
Frankenstein Batman & The Joker Slots Multi-Wheel Roulette
Jack and the Beanstalk The Sopranos Forsaken Kingdom
Subtopia The Avengers Hitman Slot
Twin Spin Little Britain Break Da Bank
Double Exposure Blackjack Pink Panther Tom Raider
Jack Hammer Blackjack Surrender Flo’s Diner Slot

The Games

At any online casino you can be sure to find at least 100-150 (usually way more than that) unique casino games separated in these basic categories: slots, table games, video poker, scratch cards and live games. While these categories may vary from casino to casino as some of them might create a separate category only for blackjack or roulette games, one thing is always the same: the majority of the games are different variations of slot machines. Slots are definitely the most popular casino games you can play online and they differ from one another not only as far as their graphical appearance is concerned, but also when it comes to number of reels and paylines, symbols, bonus games, free spins and other features.

As far as the ‘table games’ sections go, usually there you can find different versions of roulette and blackjack, and often also baccarat, Casino Hold’em, craps, Caribbean Poker, etc. Out of all the different table games offered, blackjack is definitely a player favourite, as it offers you the chance to rely not only on your luck, but also on your skills and experience. Want to learn more about blackjack and find a good place to play this true casino classic? Don’t forget to also read our article on the best blackjack sites. Speaking of casino classics, we just have to give due respect to one of the most popular casino games, roulette, which is also heavily featured in the table games sections of online casinos.

Top Table Games at Online CasinosPopular Slot Machines at Internet CasinosVideo Poker Games for Real Money Online

In the video-poker collections of online casinos you’ll usually find not much more than 5-6 games, the most famous among which are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Aces and Faces. While video poker also allows you to incorporate different strategies into your gameplay, they are quite more advanced and require a lot of skill and knowledge. This is why this game isn’t usually recommended for beginner players but rather for experienced ones. You can learn more about which games are recommended for beginner, intermediate and advanced players on our online casino games page.

As I already mentioned, we can say a lot about the certain casino’s game selection just by learning which is the software provider that powers their platform. That said, there are many online casinos, like Skyvegas for example, that offer games from many different software providers. This allows them to create a game selection that’s nothing like the ones offered by other casinos. This is a smart strategy that guarantees a great and unique experience and these casinos come as a breath of fresh air for all the players that are sick of playing the same games over and over again.

Random Number Generator

Many beginners wonder how can the outcomes of the spins or hands in online casino games be fair and truly random. This in fact is possible thanks to a device called a Random Number Generator, commonly abbreviated RNG, which is designed with the scope to generate a sequence of numbers without a pattern. All legal casino operators in the UK are obliged to have their RNGs regularly audited by specialised testing agencies like eCOGRA or GLI in order to prove that the results of the games are truly random and untampered with. These testing agencies also issue reports that show the overall return-to-player percentage and vouch for the fairness of the games that the online casinos offer.

Live-Dealer Platforms

Nowadays almost all casino operators online offers their users the possibility to play games against real dealers via video stream. Most Internet casinos offer live blackjack, roulette and baccarat, but there are some that also offer Live Casino Hold’em and Live Sic Bo. The scope of these live games is to take you as close as possible to the experience of playing at a land-based casino without you actually having to set foot in one. They are pretty popular among players and often offer interesting features like multi-game mode, the possibility to chat with the dealers, multiple camera views and additional betting options such as bet behind. As live-casino games are largely preferred by players, every self-respecting casino should offer this options to their users.

Live Dealer Casinos Online - Screenshot

Mobile Casinos

Thanks to the development of modern technology, today all major online casinos have mobile version. Not only this would’ve been unimaginable a few years back but the quality and the speed of the mobile games is not that different from the one of their PC counterparts. There are even casino apps that allow you to play live-dealer games from your smartphone. The only drawback of playing from your mobile device is that the mobile games selections are usually not as rich as the regular ones. Mobile devices don’t use the same technology as PCs and Macs, so creating a mobile version of a certain game entails the same effort as creating a new one. As far as compatibility goes, most mobile games are optimised for the most popular devices and mobile operating systems. No matter if you have an Android tablet or smartphone, an iPhone or an iPad, there’s always a suitable casino for you to play at. Follow the links below to find out which are the best casinos for your mobile device.

Recommended Mobile Casinos for Your Device

Payment Processors

All secure online casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via the most popular payment methods: credit/debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and vouchers and, of course, wire transfer. At the site of just about any renowned operator you will find a page, which is usually called ‘banking’ or ‘payment methods’, where you can check which specific cards and e-wallets the casino accepts and whether there are any fees for depositing and withdrawing using these methods as well as information about the time that those transactions require. If you feel you need to know more about the different banking options and are interested in knowing how exactly online payments work, you can also check out our casino banking page.

The Most Popular Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Getting Started – Registration and First Deposit

In the course of the years, the process of registering and depositing at an online casino has been tremendously simplified so that even people that are not that computer-savvy could do it. Still, if you’re registering for the first time at an online casino, you might have some doubts or uncertainties. This is why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for the process, taking for example our top recommended casino – 888.

Signing Up at an Online Casino

At just about any casino site you can find on the Internet you’ll see a prominently displayed sign-up button. When you click on it you’ll be redirected to a registration form where you have to fill your personal details. Usually, to create a casino account you need to fill in the following information:

These are exactly the details you have to fill in to open an account at 888 Casino. Their registration form is neatly arranged in 3 separate steps which makes it faster and easier to fill. Undoubtedly, here you can open an account in under 2 minutes even if your not the fastest typer in the world.

888 Casino's 3-Step Registration Form

Downloading and Installing the Software

While more and more casino fans prefer to play directly in the browser, there are still some players that like to download and install the desktop application of the casino of their choice. You have both options in the case of 888 Casino, but if you prefer the desktop version you have to go through the following steps:

  • 1. Download the Software
    Download 888 Casino's Free Software

    Open 888 Casino’s Home Page and click on the ‘Free Download’ button. The download of the software will begin within a few seconds and you’ll be able to see the progress in the download bar of your browser.

  • 2. Open the .exe file
    Open the Executable File from the Download Bar

    After the download of the casino software is complete, open the executable file 888casino_uk.exe from the download bar of your browser.

  • 3. Install the Software
    Accept the Terms and Install the Casino Software

    When the 888casino setup wizard starts, click on the ‘I accept the agreement’ checkbox and then on the ‘Next’ button to start the installation of the casino software.


Making a First Deposit

This is probably the step that first-time online casino players are most anxious about. Naturally, they are afraid to give their banking details to any website. As we already mentioned, if the casino is licensed and strictly regulated, you have nothing to worry about, as they are bound to keep your personal information safe by law. Not sure how exactly to make a deposit? In most cases you have to go through these few simple steps:

Verifying Your Identity

Verifying your identity is a step that you will have to face sooner rather than later if you start playing at an online casino. It’s required so that you can prove that you’re a real person and that you’re of legal age to gamble. In the case of our example, 888, you can verify your identity by going to the cashier and then to the section ‘Verify ID’ and entering the number of your driver’s licence, your passport or by uploading a copy of a personal document.

Verify Your ID at 888 Casino

Get the Most Out of Your Casino Experience – Useful Tips

Playing real-money casino games online is always fun and exciting, no matter what game and at which casino you play (as long as it’s legal). If you, however, want to make the most of your experience, then we have some useful tips for you. Take your time to browse through them and you’ll be on your way to an even better and more exciting online gambling experience.

Bullet-Proof Strategy to Staying Safe Online

As we already stressed a few times, when you’re choosing an online casino to play at, there’s nothing that you should be more concerned with than your safety. Therefore, you should learn to distinguish a legal online casino from a rogue one. In the picture below you can see some of the most prominent signs that an online casino is legal and therefore trustworthy. If you find one of these seals of approval in the footer of the site you think of playing at, you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands.

Online Casino Security – Seals of Approval

Research, research, research!

What do you do if you want to buy a new laptop? Do you just go to the computer store and pick the prettiest or the cheapest one? No, you check the specs, maybe read some user reviews online, compare different models and the prices, or even ask friend for help. Picking an online casino should follow the same pattern. There are so many casino reviews and user opinions online that it’s really a shame for beginners to miss out on the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. Of course, you shouldn’t trust just anyone as there are many online reviewers that aren’t that honest with their recommendations. Look for reviews that are really informational and in-detail and cover not only the good sides of the casino but the bad ones as well.

Another thing you can do while checking an online casino is talk to the support. Don’t hesitate to ask the representatives of the casino about anything. It’s in both sides’ interest that you’re well-informed on all that the casino has to offer as well as on their terms and conditions. After all, the casino’s customer support is there with the only scope to help all present and future users.

Compare the Bonuses

An important part in the process of choosing the right casino is finding out which one has the best bonus offer. A logical question is why get £100 in bonus for your £100 deposit when you can get £200 in free casino chips. Of course, it’s not only the bonus amount that’s important but also the wagering requirements, i.e. how many time you have to bet the bonus amount in order to be able to withdraw it. It’s also important to check the validity period of the bonus. There’s no point in getting a £1000 bonus if you have only a week to play it through, right? Of course, most online casinos have set the validity period for their bonus offers at 30 days, but still you should definitely check that. All in all, before opting in a promotion you should build the good habit of reading the terms and conditions of the offer. For further information check out our article on the best casino bonuses in the UK.

Find Exclusive Offers and Bonus Codes

On top of welcome bonuses and other promotions, online casinos have other exclusive offers that can be obtained only with a bonus code. These bonus codes are negotiated by external sites that review the casinos and are usually enhanced versions of existing offers. Take for example the exclusive bonus offer that we’ve negotiated with Ladbrokes Casino. By using one of our links and the exclusive bonus code BESTBONUS to register at Ladbrokes, you’ll be eligible to receive not only their regular 100% up to £500 welcome bonus, but also a £10 free bonus before you’ve even deposited.

Ladbrokes Casino Registration – Bonus Code

Another way you can get your hands on some extra bonuses is by accepting to receive offers by email. Many casinos reward their registered players with random rewards and offers that you can claim only by email. So after registering at a certain casino and accepting to receive their newsletter and offers by email, don’t forget to check your inbox regularly.

Choose the Deposit Amount According to the Bonus

This might be something obvious but as I already said, sometimes a new experience is so overwhelming that we forget important little details. Let’s imagine that you’re ready to deposit £250 and you like the bonus offer of Winner Casino. They offer you a £30 free bonus upon registration if you use one of our links to visit their site and our bonus code ALLWIN while you’re registering. On top of that, if you decide to deposit there, you’ll be rewarded with a 200% bonus up to a maximum of £300. In order to get that maximum though, you need to deposit only £150. Even if you deposit the whole £250 that you’ve prepared, you will still get £300 in bonus. A much smarter decision would be to deposit only £150 at Winner and deposit the rest at another casino. In this case a suitable option would be 888 Casino’s 100% welcome bonus up to £100. On top of that, after you register and confirm your identity you’ll be eligible to receive a £88 free bonus, even before you’ve deposited. By choosing to deposit your £250 in two places you get in total £118 in free bonus and £400 in deposit bonus, instead of only £30 for free and £300 welcome bonus.

Test the Games in Practice Mode

Even if you know the rules of the game you’re about to play very well, it’s always a good practice to try it in practice mode before switching to real-money play. This allows you to get used to the quirks of the game and elaborate a potential strategy. Also, consider the fact that often games with the same name have different rules in different casinos, especially if those casinos are powered by different software providers. For example, 888’s classic blackjack is played with four decks while William Hill’s classic blackjack, which is powered by Playtech, is played with six decks. Therefore, it’s always nice to take a look at the rules of the game at the specific casino, even if you have played the games before elsewhere. You can easily check the rules by clicking on the ‘help’ button of the game.

Differences between Classic Blackjack at Different Casinos
Same Rules
Dealer Stands on Soft 17 Dealer Stands on Soft 17
Decks: 4 Decks: 6
Split Any Pair Split Any Pair
Multiplayer: No Multiplayer: Yes
No Peek for Blackjack No Peek for Blackjack
House Edge: 0.44% House Edge: 0.47%

Take Advantage of the ‘Fast Spin’ and ‘Autoplay’ Options

One great advantage of online casinos in comparison to land-based ones is the speed. You can play way more hands and spins online than you could if you were playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. You can really take advantage of that, especially if you’re trying to wager a bonus. You can make the gameplay even faster by using the option ‘quick spins’ which many games offer and on top of that automate the process by turning on ‘auto spin’, if you’re playing slots of course. This way you’ll wager your bonuses several times faster than you would’ve been able to otherwise. And don’t worry about missing out on the exciting bonus round and free spins. Slots usually have also the option to stop the autoplay when you win bonus rounds.

Know Your Chances – House Edge and RTP

If you don’t already know what house edge and return-to-player means, then don’t skip this paragraph, as you will be seeing these terms a lot in the future. In order to explain it well, first you have to know that the rules of the casino games are always created in a way that less than 100% of the money betted is returned to the players in winnings in the long run. Usually, this percentage is around 95-98%, depending on the game, and it’s called ‘return-to-player’ percentage or RTP. The difference between the RTP percentage and the 100% of the total bets on the game is called ‘house edge’ and it represents the percentage of the money betted the casino is expected to win. In a way, RTP and house edge are the two faces of the same coin.


Why is it necessary to confirm my identity?

All real-money games providers are strictly regulated by the gambling authorities of the countries they are based in. As the laws of most European countries state, only persons that are older than 18 can play on these sites, but since we’re talking about remote gambling, the only way the players can validate their age is by sending copy of an identity document. That’s essentially the identity validation process of the casino.

Where can I find a list of trusted online providers?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of checking and testing all the licensed operators by yourself, don’t worry, there’s another way. Take advantage of the extensive research we’ve done to determine the best online casinos in the UK by clicking here. On the page you’ll find a fact-based ranking as well as all the criteria that we’ve considered in order to rank the top casino operators in Britain. Furthermore, we’ve displayed the different scores they received in the different categories.