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Online gambling has been steadily growing in popularity not only due to the convenience of gaming from the comfort of your own home, but also thanks to the spectacular variety of games available on casino sites worldwide. One in particular is keno, a lottery-like game that has gotten its own rightful adaptation in the virtual gambling world. On this page, we’ll take a look at this game of chance and give you all the details on various keno games online and touch on the topic of free online keno. Check out our demo below!

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As you can tell from our practice play game above, keno is simple game where pure luck is all a player needs. It’s based on selecting numbers on a grid in hopes same ones are drawn – which ultimately determines the size of your prize. Stick around for some finer details on how it works and get the lowdown on the various keno variants out there. We’ll also share our insights on why playing keno online is the right call for any avid gambler.

Keno Rules and Chances

As we’ve already hinted, this is a game of pure chance and luck and thus also extremely easy to grasp. All players need to do is select up to either 10 or 15 numbers from an 80-number grid and hope for the best as the computer generates numbers to be drawn. Each time a drawn number matches one you selected, it’s considered a ‘catch’, and you get payouts based on how many catches a round yields. Typically one or two catches go unrewarded, starting with three correctly predicted numbers – though some games might even start with four. The payouts increase with each catch, and, since it’s very unlikely you’ll guess all 10 or 15 numbers, between three and eight catches can instead be the sweet spot for solid wins.

The grid typically consists of 10 columns and 8 rows organised in numerical order starting from the top left. You select the numbers simply by clicking on them, and click the draw command button. Most keno games offer the same controls – clear bet, rebet, and toggles for adjusting your wagers. You might encounter online keno games with an expanded dashboard with a ‘Lucky Dip’ random selection command, autoplay or a turbo bet option – the latter of which makes the whole process much more of a breeze.

An Example of Odds with Seven Selected Numbers and a £1 Wager

Catches Numbers Picked Probability Win
0 10 1 in 22 £3
5 10 1 in 20 £3
6 10 1 in 88 £10
7 10 1 in 621 £50
8 10 1 in 7,385 £500
9 10 1 in 163,382 £10,000
10 10 1 in 8,911,712 £200,000

The best thing about keno is you don’t need to master any strategy so play. Just like online slot games, its extremely simple and based on RNG technology. That means there’s little you can do to up your chances to win, save from picking a safe and reliable casino to play at – one whose RNG software has been properly screened for fairness. If you’re not sure where to start looking, try Betway Casino for keno and other exciting casino games and live table suites.

Interesting Game Variants

Generally speaking, you won’t find as many keno games online in comparison with the table classic roulette or the crowd favourite blackjack. Nevertheless, there are a few different games to get into, whether you’re a fan of classic keno or a slightly more modern, pimped-out version of it. The rules are mostly the same – the difference lies in the ways you can customise your player experience with more or fewer dashboard controls and, of course, the visual aspect of things. Here are some of our favourites

A Classic Keno game from Playtech will please those who have no need for bells and whistles and prefer a more conservative look. The playing grid contains 80 numbers and you can play a draw at a time or five draws, if you so wish. You can select up to 10 numbers here. A more glammed-up variant is the Golden Bonanza Keno, with up to 15 selectable digits. The option ‘Lucky Dip’ lets you choose how many random numbers the computer should generate and select in your stead, and you can present autobet rounds or utilise shortcuts for faster playing. Monkey Keno from Microgaming is another delightful take on this game, this time with a jungle and beach backdrop and mischievous monkey aiming at the grid with coconuts. You can pick up to 15 squares, and use the autoplay option or a ‘Quick Pick’ shortcut to let the computer choose your numbers.

The Advantages of Playing Keno Online

There are some convincing points about getting into online keno – especially for those who value convenience and speed. While in real-life keno you buy and fill out a ticket and then wait for a draw, online keno draws are triggered by none other than you! That means you can wager round after round after round, and trigger as many number draws as you wish. Some games even have automatic re-bet and draw option, so you can sit back and watch the games unravel, much like when you’re playing slots. To change things up a bit without having to do the task of selecting numbers one by one, some games even offer the ‘Lucky Dip’ command which selects random numbers for you!

Additionally, since you’ll likely be playing at one of our recommended online casino sites, you have the freedom of finding the casino which offers the most advantageous house edge. In other words, select a casino with the best average RTP, or assess games individually and choose the most beneficial one! Another plus is that you’ll find different-themed keno games online, such as Golden Bonanza Keno or Monkey Keno, on top of the classic, no-frills games, and you’ll also get a chance to play a few practice rounds on sites which offer demo versions of free online keno.

Play Keno Online for Free or Try Real Money Keno at a Reliable Casino

Ready to play a round or two of online keno and take your chances at winning some real money rewards? There are many casino sites where you can delve into real money gaming – though you should always be careful to choose reliable operators that have got all the licensing and monitoring in place, not to mention offering varied types of payment. To cut to the chase, check out one of our favourite online keno casino sites below – you’ll be in good hands there, no doubt! If you’re not up for it yet, don’t worry – some casinos also offer the chance to play keno online for free, with a demo option where you can get your practice play on.

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