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Texas Hold’em took the world by storm in the mid-noughties, bursting out of the Las Vegas casinos and into mainstream culture across Europe and North America. Player numbers doubled, at least, every year from 2003 until the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was introduced in the US and the bubble began to burst. Today, Texas Hold’em is making a comeback thanks largely to a new incarnation from live streaming experts, Evolution Gaming. Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em online is the perfect game for veterans of the poker boom, and fuses the world’s most popular poker format with a classic casino card table atmosphere.

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Given that Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is exclusive to Evolution Gaming, players are limited to online casinos entrusting its live dealer games to the industry leaders. Fortunately, Evolution is so far ahead of the competition in terms of live games, that it’s beginning to monopolise the market. Our casino recommendations for this live game are based on hours of live play and are plucked directly out of our selection of the best online casinos in the UK for live dealer and casino games today.

Why Choose Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online?

Live casino has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. As streaming technology continues to improve, the live dealer experience just gets better and better for players. HD quality feeds with zero lag are now the norm, and there is little doubt where the future of online casino is heading. Live has always delivered a better atmosphere, more transparency and live chat with fellow players and dealers, but we’re now starting to see the wider game catalogues we’ve been waiting for. Evolution Gaming recently launched its 7th European studio and we’re delighted to see the company reinvesting in new games as a result of its success.

Aside from the fact that this variation is not available in a purely digital form, live Ultimate Texas Hold’em tables always have a great atmosphere in the chat thanks to the collective winning and losing – any player placing a stake uses the same hand. You’re all in it together.

How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online

At first glance, the live Ultimate Texas Hold’em rules look remarkably like its not-so-ultimate cousin. Both games feature five community cards which can be used by any player to create the best possible hand. However, unlike PvP poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em online is played against the house, and therefore hole cards are dealt face up. To take part in a round, place a bet in the Ante box using your virtual chips. An equal bet must be placed in the Blind box to qualify. After receiving two cards, players are given the option to check – a bet of zero – or raise. Further opportunities to boost the pot or check are available on the flop. Once all five community cards are dealt though, throwing more chips at the pot is the only option for those looking to continue in the hand. The dealer qualifies with any pair or better, and multipliers are offered for premium hands such as a Flush or Straight.

  • Live stream of Ultimate Texas Hold'em from Evolution Gaming
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em payouts from Evolution Gaming
  • The dealer qualifies with a pair or better in Ultimate Texas Hold'em
  • Four of a kind win in Ultimate Texas Hold'em
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There’s also a side bet available for landing trips, although this must be placed during the first round of betting, and therefore cannot be added upon receiving a nice pocket pair. The trips side bet covers all hands of Three-of-a-Kind or better, and pays out regardless of what the dealer ends up making. It’s a nice option to have, but acts as a separate wager and doesn’t affect the core gameplay. That’s it, in a nutshell, eveything you need to play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online.

Different Operators, Different Table Limits

It’s worth remembering that tables limits can vary for live Ultimate Texas Hold’em depending on the online casino you play at. These limits are not massively different, but it’s worth paying close attention to them if you are looking to play particularly low stakes or really high stakes. Because we’re good to you, we’ve already done all of the research. Below is a summary of the different table limit ranges across some the best online casinos for live Ultimate Texas Hold’em in the UK today.

Different betting limits for Evolution Gaming live Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables
  • Ante Bet£0.50 – £500
  • Trips Side Bet£0.50 – £500
  • Call Bet£1 – £1,000
  • Ante Bet£0.50 – £1,000
  • Trips Side Bet£0.50 – £1,000
  • Call Bet£1 – £2,000

Play Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Anywhere on Mobile

Evolution Gaming supports mobile play, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em fits nicely on tablet in particular. The game is like for like with the desktop version and, depending on your device, runs smoothly and looks great. Remember, live games are streaming in high definition and will eat a lot of data if you plan on playing over 4G or LTE. We would strongly recommend a WiFi connection to get the most out of live Ultimate Texas Hold’em and, as a result, the experience lends itself more to playing on the sofa or in bed than it does to any kind of commuting action. Still, it’s nice to have the option. For more info on mobile gaming and different app types, make sure to check out our guide for gaming on the go!

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em: Conclusion

Live dealer games are undoubtedly the future of online card tables, and Evolution is really listening to the market with its latest products. Ultimate Texas Hold’em is, in our opinion, the most cutting-edge casino card game available in the country today. With plenty of decisions to make throughout each hand, the game is perfectly suited to poker fans who would rather battle the house than other human players online. The best online casinos in the UK are already offering rich live experiences, coming up with exciting live poker variants like Casino Hold’em and others hopefully coming soon. You can try Ultimate Texas Hold’em and much more at our recommended casino for live games below.

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