A Guide to Playing the Lottery Online

If you haven’t played the lottery yet, chances are you have at least heard about it – unless you’ve been living under a rock, that is! A true crowd favourite, lottery is widely played not only in the UK but also around the world, with millions of players joining in on national and international draws. So why not join the ranks and try your luck – especially considering that playing lotto and other games is now easier than ever, with online tickets and a host of other fantastic advantages!

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The principles of lottery are fairly simple – games are based on the player picking a set of number, and the subsequent draw, which is scheduled on different days according to each game, determines the winning numbers and thus also the winning amount for every player. The rules in playing lottery online are the same, but the process is all the easier – you don’t even have to leave your home to buy a ticket at the next corner shop! You’ll get the same choice of games online as playing in ‘real life’, too, and getting together with a group of friends and forming a syndicate is easier than ever, as well! You can also buy several tickets in advance for future draws, and save yourself a bit of time and effort with easy-peasy direct debit payments.

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On this page we’ll tackle the above-mentioned topics and give you an overview of where to buy tickets and play lotto online, and how to participate in other international lottery games online. Syndicate-building and mobile lottery options will also be addressed, so stick around!

Play Lotto Online & Win Big in International Jackpot Games!

There are several international online lottery pools available online. Perhaps the most popular is EuroMillions, in additon to several other mega rewarding jackpots and country-specific online lotto games. With EuroMillions, you get to put your stake in a Europe-wide jackpot, which currently sits on a double-digit million amount. All you need to do is select 5 numbers and 2 stars per line and see what the draw brings. You can also customise your lottery settings by selecting the day of the draw – either Tuesday or Friday, or both! To make things even easier, subscription options let you choose for how many weeks your bet should be renewed (sometimes with discounts for buying tickets in ‘bulk’, even!) or you may even decide to keep the bet going until the jackpot’s busted. Additional features such as Magic Millions or the exclusive Double Pot give you more options to up your payouts, so keep an eye out!

The Biggest Jackpot Lottery Wins
£1.236 billion January 2013
£511 million March 2012
£505 million December 2013
£161 million July 2011
£159 million October 2014

MegaMillions is another spectacular jackpot to dig your teeth into – sometimes in triple-digit millions! This US lottery also works with 5 numbers per line, in addition to one Megaball number per line. A Megaplier option is an add-on feature that might help you get up to a 5x multiplier on your non-jackpot win, and you can also choose from a variety of preset and customisation options here as well. the PowerBall is another online lottery favourite, with likewise 5 numbers and 1 Powerball number per line.

Other lotteries such as Italy’s Enalotto, Swedish Lotto, Irish Lotto or EuroJackpot, among many others, are also available – so browse the selection at one of our recommended operators sites and find the one most appealing to you! You can also play the National Lottery online, with games like Lotto, Thunderball or Hotpicks available to UK players.

Easy Fill-Out Options on Your Lottery Tickets Online

Online lottery tickets are incredibly easy to fill out – simply click on the numbers you wish you bet on, and you’re done! A Quick Pick button will typically be found on the edge of the ticket, for those of you who want to leave your fate up to a random number generator instead. Just click on the command and watch the computer select random numbers for your ticket, and save yourself the time and the clicking. Different ways to place repeat bets are present, and you’ll also have the choice to select the desired draw days. In some of the games, you can also add more lines to bet on and secure a higher chance to win.

Instant Online Notifications and Easy Payouts

As if winning the lottery wasn’t awesome enough, being notified about a win is also a lot more convenient with online lottery than when playing traditionally. Should you be so lucky, you’ll get an instant notification by email or sms – though you’ll also get notified on a losing ticket as well. Payouts of take place immediately after the win, when the operator transfers your rightfully-deserved prize directly into your bank account via electronic transfer. If you win big bucks, you may need to make an appearance in person to collect your win. Though not to worry, the lottery operator will provide full assistance and might even cover all travel expenses.

Online Lottery Syndicates

A terrific way to up your chances to win is to join an online lottery syndicate – which means nothing more that putting together a group of friends, increasing the odds of hitting more winning numbers and, consequently sharing the win among the lot of you if you do get so lucky. You can also play several different games at the same time, so pick and choose the jackpot pools that sound the most appealing to you! Whether friends, family or work mates, there’s no restrictions on how many people you can bring along. To get your syndicate up and running, all members should first fill out and sign a syndicate agreement, which you can download directly from the website. Once done, you can play online by registering and completing play slips. Of course, syndicates can also choose to play in-store. One the members should be a designated syndicate manager, responsible for collecting money, checking results, and overseeing the lottery process, in addition to distributing any winnings to the other members. There have been several sizeable syndicate wins in the past years, one of them an epic group of 38 splitting a £1.1 million win!

Legality of UK Online Lottery

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