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Live games have revolutionised online casinos. Blackjack players are in for a treat with the option to play this fast-paced card game with a real live dealer from the comfort of your own home. Being such a popular game, blackjack takes up a large part of an operator’s live game selection. Upgrading to live blackjack in the casino means more than live dealers, there are new and exciting variants to discover such as pre-decisions, side bets and bet behind which we’ll discuss later in this review.

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You don’t want to be playing this game just anywhere, it’s all about getting the best mix of software, game variety and the friendliest, most professional dealers around. We’ve searched long and hard to be able fully recommend the casino above, offering a fantastic mix of software, games and dealers.

What’s So Special About Online Live Casino Blackjack?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Why choose a live version over the classic casino blackjack found in all decent online casinos? Well, the difference in playing experience really must be seen to be believed. The live chat makes for a far more engaging game, and having a personal dealer makes the atmosphere electric. Not forgetting transparency, not all players are as confident in computer software these days, but with a game played out before your eyes, there’s no reason to distrust the outcome.

Aside from the visuals, the game itself is heightened. Live dealer tables typically offer a wider variety of limits and with blackjack, you can play at multiple tables at the same time. Consider Bet Behind, where you don’t even need to wait at the table to play, simply bet on the hand of the player in front. A pre-decision option lets players call at the same time as the first player, which means more active gaming time and less waiting on your turn.

The Exciting World of Side Bets

It’s been touched upon already, but side bets are worth a bit more attention. There are side bets unique to live casino blackjack such as, Bet-Behind, Insurance, Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets add extra interest and betting opportunities – with each player given the chance to turn on these exciting extra betting spots as they enter the table.

A player betting on a Perfect Pair can win increasing additional payouts if the first two cards they are dealt make up a mixed, coloured or ‘perfect’ pair. An extra wager on a 21+3 side bet gives players the chance to win on a whole range of poker-style card combinations made up of their first two dealt cards and the one open card in the dealer’s hand. Last but not least, is Bet Behind. This handy feature allows an unlimited number of players to Bet Behind the seven seated players at the blackjack table.

Which Varieties are Available in the Live Casino?

There’s usually plenty of table choices in the live dealer blackjack casino suite, but all are mainly limited to just the classic blackjack game – the crowd favourite. Regular casino suites are where you want to go for more game variety. For more information on what’s available as a classic casino variant right now, check our main blackjack page for games such Double Atttack Blackjack, Spanish 21 and Single Deck Blackjack.

  • Card dealer Shirley at a Playtech live blackjack table
  • Two entertaining dealers at Blackjack Party
  • The exciting blackjack game where everyone can play, with Bet Behind
  • Evolution Grand VIP taking high stakes up to £25,000
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Evolution Gaming Live BlackjackExperience the Market Leader!To the Casino! 

Why not play fast and loose with Blackjack Party from Evolution Gaming? The aptly named blackjack variant comes packed with a co-host to assist the dealer and ramp up the party atmosphere. Let’s just say that players tend to be somewhat lubricated when they hit the Blackjack Party table, and the hosts are happy to encourage further mischief as the chat gets going. Expect to find good-spirited blackjack action that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Which Providers Offer Live Blackjack Online?

There are a quite a few different providers out there offering live dealer blackjack. Evolution Gaming boasts the world’s fastest and slickest online blackjack with all the expected value added features and side bets. This provider’s games catalogue includes the low stakes and hugely fun Blackjack Party. Microgaming also offered live blackjack tables playable straight in your browser, though you will nowadays find their games under Evolution, after a step-by-step rebranding due to a recent merger of the two live gaming behemoths.

Top Live Blackjack Providers
Awards EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year, 2010-2016
Varieties Classic, Blackjack Party
Side Bets 21+3, Perfect Pairs side bets and bet behind
Special Features Pre-decision function, VIP area
Awards Multi-Channel Supplier of the Year, 2016
Varieties Unlimited Blackjack, Grand Blackjack
Side Bets Bet Behind, Perfect Pairs and 21+3
Special Features Multi-seat option
Awards EGR Highly Commended Live Casino Supplier 2014
Varieties Common Draw Blackjack, Blackjack Pro
Side Bets None available
Special Features Dealer’s Last 10 hands overview
Awards None, as yet
Varieties VIP Blackjack, Italian Blackjack
Side Bets Perfect Pairs, 21+3, bet behinds
Special Features Player avatars, multi-game option

Playtech has a huge range of over 100 live tables so don’t expect to be waiting long to get a seat at a blackjack table. Play the variations from Playtech Grand in the Riga studio, to Playtech Blackjack Blue which offers higher table limits to Classic Blackjack. Last but not least, Extreme Live Gaming provides intimate feeling live dealer blackjack tables with all the bells and whistles expected by way of side bets, thriling themes, and game avatars.

Play Live Dealer Blackjack from £1 – The Limits of the Providers

As with roulette, the limits available on live blackjack tables far outstretch those in the regular casino game. Ranging from £0.50 to £10,000. Casinos such as the longstanding William Hill and the famous 888casino have the highest ranges. We’d recommend both low stake players and high rollers check out their live tables.

Live Blackjack Party with the lowest table limits by Evolution Gaming
  • Classic Blackjack £10 – £3,000
  • Blackjack VIP £5 – £5,000
  • Blackjack Fortune VIP£250 – £10,000
  • Classic Blackjack £5 – £2,500
  • Blackjack VIP £50 – £5,000
  • Blackjack Party £0.50 – £1,000

Evolution Gaming offers excellent variety across its games with loads of options for both high and low stakes. The 50p minimum bet for Blackjack Party is one of the cheapest hands of blackjack you can find in the UK at the moment and suits the style of this variant nicely.

NetEnt blackjack games with varied table limits
  • High Roller Blackjack £25 – £5,000
  • Common Draw Blackjack £1 – £5,000
  • Classic Blackjack £10 – £5,000
  • Classic Blackjack £1 – £500
  • VIP Blackjack £10 – £3,000
  • Blackjack Pro£10 – £3,000

NetEnt offers a nice range of limits from a very playable £1 minimum right up to nice, meaty options for high rollers. Players looking to grow their bankroll from small to large will be able to without switching games or providers.

The Playtech Live Blackjack starts with a pound
  • Unlimited Blackjack£1 – £25
  • Classic Blackjack £2.50 – £100
  • VIP Blackjack£50 – £5,000
  • Unlimited Blackjack£1 – £1,000
  • Classic Blackjack £5 – £2,500
  • VIP Blackjack£25 – £7,500

Extreme Live Gaming comes in on the high side of the table limit range with a minimum bet per hand of £5. It’s quite steep, given that splitting or doubling down instantly gets you into double figures on a single hand, but with limits up to £5,000 serious players will be used to this kind of range.

The limits at Extreme Live Gaming blackjack tables
  • Italian Blackjack £5 – £1,000
  • Classic Blackjack £5 – £5,000
  • VIP Blackjack £25 – £5,000
  • Classic Blackjack £5 – £1,000
  • Italian Blackjack £5 – £1,000
  • VIP Blackjack £25 – £5,000

Real Dealers On the Go Thanks to Mobile App Functionality

What’s more forward thinking than live casino games on a mobile device? Thankfully, this technology isn’t a distant dream, there are various live streaming providers offering live blackjack in mobile casinos. Since blackjack is such a straightforward game, requiring simply a table and a card deck, it converts well to the small screen. For convenient gaming on the go, it’s worthwhile checking out live blackjack online in one of the many casino native and web apps available.

Where to Play this Fantastic Game

We can’t recommend trying blackjack in a live casino enough. From the vibrant atmosphere to the range of advantages playing in a real-time environment, fans and players new to blackjack and live casino won’t look back. Head to our top casino pick for the place with the best playing conditions to enjoy the epic game of live casino blackjack. For more information about other great live casino games, check out our live hub.

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