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Caribbean Stud Poker is an exotic version of the popular 5-card stud game your granddad used to play. Few hard facts are known about the origins of the game game – which first appeared somewhere in the 1980s. Today, thanks to Evolution Gaming, live Caribbean Stud Poker has landed in the UK – and we love it!

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Our top recommended casino for live Caribbean Stud Poker is the result of scrupulous analysis of the UK’s best online casinos in the market today. We use a range of carefully selected parameters with which to measure the games against, including bonus terms and conditions, table limits, software performance and gameplay. Only once we’ve crunched all the data are we confident enough to grant an operator the top spot for any given game.

Why Caribbean Stud Online is Best Played Live

There are several areas where online casinos trump your old brick and mortar gambling dens on the high-street, and live dealer games streamed directly to your computer or tablet is the most compelling of all the reasons. Playing Caribbean Stud live not only brings the casino table experience into your own home, but adds features that land-based operators can’t, such as side bets and progressive jackpots.

Unlike computer-generated online casino games which rely on a random number generator to determine the order in which cards are dealt, live casino games offer greater transparency. During live dealer games, cards are shuffled by hand and delivered to game tables via an automated system before the dealer cuts the deck in front of your own eyes. There is little room for scepticism in this process, and there’s just something more exciting about watching real cards peeling from the shoe than there is about digital dealing.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker: Rules and Strategy

The best way to describe Caribbean Stud poker is ‘turbo five-card stud’. Both player and dealer receive all five cards in the hole, although only one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face-up. Players then make the only decision of the round, choosing to either call – a bet costing twice the original ante, placed before any cards are dealt – or fold depending on the strength of their hands versus the dealers only visible card. Once the dealer’s cards are flipped, all bets are settled. A single round lasts only a few minutes, and therefore the game is played at an incredible pace. The dealer qualifies with ace/king or better, and bonus multipliers are applied to premium hands like straights and flushes.

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Caribbean Stud online often comes packaged with a progressive jackpot. An additional small bet is added to the game giving players the opportunity to win a huge prize for landing a premium hand such as a Royal Flush. When the poker variant was launched for live streaming, the side bet formula had to be re-worked given that all players are required to use the same hand. The 5+1 Bonus Bet is the solution. This optional side bet allows players to combine their own five card hand with the dealer’s first hole card to create the best possible poker hand. Premium hands pay out up to 1,000:1 with Three of a Kind set as the minimum qualifying hand.

Table Limits May Vary Depending On The Operator

Tables limits fluctuate across the multiple operators that offer live Caribbean Stud Poker. The minimum and maximum bets do not change a great deal, but it’s worth looking into for those looking to play within a certain range. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research for you and below you can find an overview of the different table limit ranges across some the best online casinos for live Caribbean Stud in the UK today.

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  • Ante£1 – £1,000
  • Side Bets:
  • 5+1 Bonus £1 – £200
  • Ante £1 – £1,500
  • Side Bets:
  • 5+1 Bonus £1 – £100

Is Live Caribbean Stud Poker Any Good on Mobile?

Various live streaming specialists now offer live dealer games on mobile, and with modern smartphones and tablets the experience is almost comparable to a laptop or desktop computer. Providing, that is, that you are using a Wi-Fi connection. The arrival of 5G could be huge for the online gaming market, but in our opinion 4G and LTE are not quite there yet in terms of stability and speed to fully enjoy games such as live Caribbean Stud to their full potential. If you have an unlimited data package and a high-end device, by all means give it a go. Depending on where you live in the UK, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Conclusion: The Final Word on Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Live Caribbean Stud online is a fast-paced poker variant that adds side betting options for extra flair. The game can be played using solid Caribbean Stud strategy to further reduce the house edge, and, as with all live games, the transparency and authenticity is as good as any land-based casino can offer. The UK market is exploding with live games right now, and streaming provider Evolution Gaming is broadening its library with several exclusive poker games including Caribbean Stud and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There’s never been a better time to dive into this scene, and with plenty of competition in the online casino business, it’s the players who are enjoying the benefits with influx of new games, better bonus offers, and increasingly higher production values. The arms race is on, and Evolution is leading the pack. Its exclusive live Caribbean Stud poker is one of the most exciting live dealer games around.

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