Best High Roller Online Casino Sites 2019

There’s a lot to get into when it comes to online gaming. Indeed, the vast gambling market offers hundreds of entertainment options for all sorts of players – including those who wish to emulate the high roller antics of James Bond and similar casino hotshots. The good news is that, nowadays, online casino sites are saturated with offers geared towards those with deeper pockets, from high stakes versions of popular games, to exclusive live tables, to VIP perks and more. The elevated winnings potential is definitely a deciding factor for some – though there’s some particulars to be aware of before you start betting big. And the following page lays out exactly these details, so stick around!

£1,000 Bonus
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  • Blackjack up to £1,000 a Hand
  • Roulette up to £41,125 per Spin
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  • Chambre Séparée for High Rollers
  • Blackjack up to £500 a Hand
  • Roulette up to £65,000 per Spin
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  • Elite Lounge for High Rollers
  • Blackjack up to £300 a Hand
  • Roulette up to £600 per Spin
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The high roller online casinos above are all fantastic destinations to unwind with some big buck action and hopefully score big! Whether you like big single spins or look for a separate VIP area to play in, there’s always one or other enticing high roller option. Apart from the casino tips, we’ll give you more info on the best high stakes casino games, mobile gaming, and more!

How to Spot Good High Roller Casinos for UK Players

So, what should be your casino of choice if you call yourself a high roller? There’s a vast number of sites out there, with some better than others, so it’s important for us to help you weed out the bad. Firstly, all necessary licensing to operate in the UK market is the basic must for any online casino you might consider. The provisions put forth by the UK Gambling Commission ensure organisational, financial and commercial transparency, fairness of games and regular testing, and safeguarding of customer interest. When it comes to money matters, you want to play at a casino offering a wide range of safe and secure payment methods, including high deposit and withdrawal limits to suit your standards. When it comes to games, you should look for the presence of high roller-friendly games – may it be slots, roulette or anything else. Look for wagering and table limits or any other identifying eye-catchers, for instance a ’High Stakes’ badge or even a separate game category or an elite high roller casino suite.

*Claim Now!Play at the Chambre SéparéeA Special Casino Area for High Rollers
*T&C’s apply to each of the offers. Click “Claim Now” for more details. Please gamble responsibly! You must be 18+

Another crucial element is the availability of fast and personalised customer support. This is true for bothlow stakes players and VIPs alike – there’s nothing worse than slow, inadequate or unprofessional levels of assistance no matter how much money you spend! Lastly, paying in more often also comes with getting more in return. So, explore the casino site’s available VIP or high roller perks or offers. Is there a dedicated VIP lounge with premium games? How about special bonuses for elite players? There’s this and much more on offer – just choose based on the perks you prefer.

Best Games for Elite High Roller Casino Gamblers

The online casino games offering is a huge and diverse one, with thousands of titles available for pretty much every taste, budget, or gameplay preference. The best choice, however, are live games suites. There, you typically encounter elevated table limits and even separate high roller suites, as is the case with LeoVegas’s Chambre Séparée or 888’s Elite Lounge. Apart from higher table limits, you’ll be able to enjoy sophisticated tech functionalities including live chat, personalised settings or multi-table play options.

  • Promotional image for high stakes gambling
  • Screenshot of live stakes roulette live
  • Screenshot of high limit blackjack
  • Screenshot of live baccarat
Croupier at a live casino roulette table
Live Can Have Huge LimitsThe Best Way to Roll HighLive Dealer Casinos

Standard, non-live casino games are also on the menu. High rollers will find the game selection to be a great one – with some slots games offering sky-high wagers per single spin, or card games like blackjack that come in VIP variants on many sites. NetEnt’s Blackjack Professional Series is one example, with wagers of up to £3,000, while VIP Roulette from the same developer lets you bet as much as £75,000 on a single spin!

High Roller Slots

So, what about slots then? We’ve already mentioned that these online reels should by no means be ruled out – despite the fact that they are often marketed to lower stakes players. Don’t let this discourage you, though! Just because the minimum wagers are humble, there’s no shortage or fun also for those with an elevated budget. If you want to spin for more to chance getting an astronomically high win, look for games with 20 or more paylines. You’re in luck there because the bulk of online slots do indeed come in a 20+ line format, and there’s also some games that go up to 80 playable lines, automatically upping your chance to land a winning combination.

The four games above would be a fantastic pick for any high stakes player. Not only do these represent some of the most iconic online slot games to date, they also offer hefty maximum wagers of up to 200-250 per spin. Sure, it’s nothing compared to a 75K roulette wager, but with reels you also go for a higher quantity of spins dues to the swift nature of the gameplay. So, no worries, big spenders, the elite high roller casinos in the UK belong to you!

High Wagering Online Casinos in a Mobile App

When it comes to flexibility, high rollers really mustn’t sacrifice anything when playing on a handheld device, whether a mobile phone or a tablet. Mobile casino solutions have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and nowadays there’s truly no limit to how far you can take your gaming when on the go. From top-notch live streaming of elite live suites to high limit variants of your favourite casino games, you’ll be able to play whenever and wherever as long as you stick with our tips for finding the best mobile casino app on the UK market and keep in mind a couple of considerations for mobile gaming. Make sure your games of choice are indeed available, ensure that you will have a stable data or wifi connection, and remember that you might be exposed to a certain degree of distraction while gaming on the go.

Is a High Stakes Casino the Right Choice for You?

Becoming a high roller is easier said than done; there are a few key considerations to look out for which might help you determine whether you’ve not only got what it takes to become an elite player, but also whether it’s the right decision for you and your profile as an online casino aficionado. First and foremost, you should address whether your designated budget actually sustains a high-stakes profile. Have you got and are you willing to use the appropriate elite player resources on a recurring basis? The you should be good to go – though, always mind your spending levels and keep an eye out for risky or reckless behaviour. Apart from financial resources, you should be aware of the required skill level where appropriate, for instance, with games like blackjack or casino poker. Don’t go into a high-stakes round of one of these without any prior experience – you might get lucky, but you’re likely risking a big loss.

Risk Big, Win Big
Bigger Rewards The more you stake, the more you win, it’s as simple as that
Better Bonuses Depositing more cash results in larger bonus amounts
Safe and Cash-Free
No Wads of Sterling You don’t have to worry about carrying large sums around or being vulnerable
No Tuxedos There’s no stuffy dress code when playing online, even for VIP tables!
Exclusivity and Peace
Fewer Players Around More often than not, you’ll have the whole table to yourself
Exclusive Suites To mingle and chat with other high rollers

Other elements of becoming a high-stakes gambler are the perks that come with it – and your interest in using these. Many people care to have closer customer support and tailored counselling, including account management by the casino’s dedicated advisors who shell out personalised advice on how to best run your account. This may come with more frequent communication from the casino, prompting you to communicate with the designated customer care section – if you wish to do so – perhaps a bit more often than ’regular’ players do. If you’re someone who’s looking to benefit from this and many other specials like extra bonuses, event tickets, and rewards such as double comp points, for instance, then maintaining the high roller status is the right shout for you.

Conclusion: Dare to Go Big?

Having a high roller status is not only about betting high and winning big – there are other commitments and limitations to consider, whether it be the stumbling block of not finding your favourite game in a high-limit version (which is rather unlikely, to be honest) or taking extra precaution when playing for the big bucks while on the move. On the other hand, neat perks on the side such as special bonuses, extra comp points or exclusive tickets might be just the right incentive if you’re looking for premium treatment at one of the top online casinos in the UK, which, of course include some excellent high roller online casino sites. Whether you’re a fan of slots games, live roulette or seek out the different casino blackjack variants, you’ll be sure to find a fab casino to play at with just a few clicks. For those keen to play right now, check out our casino tip below!

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