Best Real Money Roulette Sites

There’s no game more iconic and evocative of a casino experience than roulette. This centuries-old game has attracted millions with its simple rules yet the potential for big wins. As it is, the sleek look of the wheel and the ball combined with the imagery of casino patrons looking on as the ball lands in a winning pocket has come to represent the essence of gambling – which is particularly palpable when you start playing real money roulette. Online gambling is our speciality here at bestonlinecasino, so below are our picks for the best roulette sites in the UK.

The Best Real Money Roulette Casino 2019 french roulette VIP variants for High RollersLive Evolution Gaming Roulette
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These casinos are the crème de la crème when it comes to playing roulette for real money online. It’s no coincidence that these operators landed on our top list – there are a wealth of online roulette variants to choose from, attractive bonuses to claim and first-class live real money roulette suites to spin at. In fact, we’ll stick to this topic on this page and give you not only the top picks but also the tips for choosing the best roulette casino yourself. We’ll go over some key considerations and get you the lowdown on roulette bonuses, mobile roulette for real money, and upcoming trends.

How to Pick the Best Roulette Sites

Selecting the right casino site for all your real money roulette endeavours may not be as easy as you’d think. Surely, a plain old Google search might do the trick, but you want to read into things just a tad bit more if you don’t want to land at a dodgy site. There are enough scammy casinos out there to keep you up at night, so that’s why it’s important to be prudent about where you play. Choose highly-rated casinos with proper UK licensing issued by the UK Gambling Commission, as the provisions within safeguard transparency and financially sound conduct – which is exactly what you want as an online player.

A roulette wheel

Apart from the overall best roulette casino pointers, you should pay attention to your own preferences as a player. Roulette can be a long-drawn game, especially if you play at live tables, so it may not be the right game for you if you like quick rounds and high volumes. If you’re trying to dip your feet into one of the betting strategies like Paroli or Martingale, online roulette for real money would be the right call for that. Lastly, your wagering power is also tied to what game you might choose – real money roulette is particularly friendly to high rollers, with a wealth of VIP tables. Though that’s not to say low-stakes players should stay away – actually, you’ll find that those with somewhat shallow pockets are also catered to more than adequately, with tons of easy-going variants like 20p Roulette or low-stakes European Roulette.

And speaking of money, you’ll need to deposit some funds to be able to spin for real cash and win some more (and to potentially claim a deposit bonus, too). That’s why you should pay attention to the list of deposit methods a roulette casino offers. Credit cards are routinely offered as the default, but you’ll also find PayPal or even Bitcoin. It’s all a case of preference.

Top Variants at a Glance

Roulette is an old and settled game, but that doesn’t mean that playing roulette with real money isn’t exciting – quite the contrary, actually! Delve into the numerous roulette game variants out there and you’ll see that his game is everything but stale. Here are the most popular spins on the classic version of the game, each with a slightly tweaked set of rules.

The software titan, Playtech, brings a variety of real money roulette titles to the table. These include Multi-Wheel Roulette and other novelty titles alongside household classics such as European and French Roulette. Click the images to read more about each game!

And what would an online gambling experience be without a few novelty games to spice things up? Real cash roulette is no exception to this – and boy are there some random version of this game! Take, for instance, the hefty Multi Wheel Roulette from Microgaming or Pinball Roulette, a hybrid that brings in elements from the popular arcade game.

NetEnt is home to several great roulette games, but the classics are where this provider realy shines. Test out American or European Roulette and get the details on the excellent game experience from one of the most well-established software developers in the business!

Surely you’re also wondering about live real money roulette casinos? Well, the variety is somewhat smaller in the live dealer suite, but you’ll still find the classics French and European alongside more creative setups like Double Ball Roulette or Ra Roulette.

A Closer Look at House Edge

Depending on the game variant you choose, you might be looking at a slightly different rate of returns. This means that, depending on the game type, you will experience a different percentage of your wagered money return to you over an extended period of time, as your wins and losses accumulate. While the higher the better with return to player rates, you want a low number when we talk about the house edge, which is actually just the inverted RTP.

With roulette for real money, you’d want to stick to French Roulette, where the house edge can be as low as 1.35% thanks to the presence of the La Partage rule. You’ll find that many live roulette tables play according to French rules, but always check the small print as not all tables may honour La Partage. A complete opposite of this rewarding variant is American Roulette, with an additional double zero pocket and a higher house edge, sitting proudly at 5.26%.

Another thing to consider when spinning for real cash is how you’d want the money paid out if you get lucky and win – whether in a high or low house edge variant. There are various payment methods available, also for withdrawals, so make sure to check the availability of your preferred option before you put your money down. Looking at bankroll management strategies is also advisable – you’ll last in the game longer if you plan well and make the most of your resources.

Best Roulette Sites and their Bonuses

The online gambling industry is teeming with various bonuses – operators’ main tactic for attracting new players to their sites. This is, of course, right up your alley if you’re playing roulette for real money, as it’s a fantastic way to get some extra cash to spin the wheel with. Nevertheless, not all bonuses are created equal, and many actually favour online slots players with very achievable wagering requirement percentages.

Image showing different possible bonuses for real money online roulette

Whereas reels typically contribute 100% of your wagers to satisfying whatever T&Cs you might encounter, not all casinos count roulette towards this, or do so just partly with a humble 10-20% contribution. Betfair stands out as a good example of a roulette-friendly casino bonus with a 50% contribution, while LeoVegas also gives you 10% on live roulette games.

Spinning the Wheel on the Go with Mobile Apps

Roulette on a handheld deviceWhile playing on a desktop might have its advantages, there are many obvious upsides to playing on a handheld mobile device, which fans might also appreciate. Comfort, the ability to play whenever and wherever, and the chance to spice up some very dull moments in the public sphere are the most prominent arguments for mobile roulette, though you’ll also have to look at the downsides. These include potential distractions and loss of concentration when you’re spinning while queuing up for some fish and chips.

But whatever the case may be with your play environment preferences, you’ll be glad to hear that real money roulette on your mobile does not come with a whole bunch of compromises and limitations. In fact, today’s mobile technology is moving forward at the speed of light, and the optimisation standards for handheld gadgets are already at a stellar level, including crisp and clear live streams and layouts making the most of your screen space.

Real Money Roulette’s Real Curiosities

Blanc’s Devil Pact: Roulette was, in its early years, considered the devil’s game. This was thanks to the fact that all the numbers on the wheel add up to the ominous number 666, making some people wary of this supposedly cursed game diversion. In fact, legend has it that Francois Blanc, half of the brotherly duo that introduced the game to the casinos in Monte Carlo, made a pact with the devil to learn the game’s secrets.

Charles Wells, Monte Carlo’s Worst Nightmare: This roulette enthusiast landed in the annals of history with an incredible feat of winning every chip on the table in 1891, ‘breaking the bank’, as we’d call it. Walking away with one million francs after an 11-hour casino stint, this notorious cheater and scammer reached the end of his ‘luck’ later on in England, followed by two more arrests.

The Worst Roulette Bet: This might be the appropriate time and place to warn you on what NOT to do when playing real money roulette: do not place a five-number bet in American roulette! The combination of 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 is the worst possible choice which ups the casino’s already high house edge to a whopping 7.89%. If you want such bad returns, stick to land-based slot machines.

Sean Connery’s 17: The famed James Bond actor has played a round or two of real money roulette in his time and pulled off an impressive run while betting on the number 17 back in 1963. After two missed 17s, a third spin got him the win at an Italian casino. He followed up with three more bets on 17 – which the ball miraculously landed! That may just be why James Bond played the same number and won in the spy classic Diamonds Are Forever a few years later.

Future Trends and Developments

The industry is already busting at the seams with new and slicker online real money roulette technology. You can enjoy razor sharp live-streamed tables and intriguing novelty variants – but that’s not where the ball stops. There’s a host of developments on the blockchain scene with the aim to revamp the online format to become more rewarding to players, with companies like FunFair and SmartPlay recently launching online roulette variants playable with cryptocurrencies and in an online gambling environment which is claimed to be 100% free of corruption and rigging with a new RNG technology. These games should also be less costly for casinos to host, starting from 2018, thanks to reduced transaction processing costs. Virtual Reality roulette is also inching in on players around the world, with gadgets like the Oculus Rift enabling this gaming experience for quite some time now.

Conclusion and Final Best Roulette Casino Pick

Real money roulette remains a staple at many land-based and the best online casinos, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience with this classic game of chance – and there are no signs of stopping. Spinning for real cash will also be a breeze to you if you stick to the right choice of roulette casinos and take into account your own preferences and limitations. Though choosing a reliable and licensed site is an excellent start, explore the game variants and glance over some basic casino tips as well to avoid any pitfalls. Once you’re ready to play, we recommend swinging by our recommended site below for a premium real money gaming experience.

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