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With the many payment options on the online casino scene, it’s true that the variety of available options caters to pretty much every kind of user preference. From more traditional payment types to more modern types like e-wallets, even players who prefer a more controlled form of spending will come into their element. Prepaid cards like paysafecard are perhaps the best form of keeping an eye on your spending. You’re working with a chunk of cash you put onto a card, meaning you’ve got a cap on your spending until the purchase of your next card. Here are our top casinos which accept paysafecard payments.

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This page will give you more insights into how a paysafecard casino payment works, and what the pros and cons are. The following information is also useful for former Ukash users – this now outdated company got merged into paysafecard a few years ago, giving way to a new contingent of users.

Benefits of Depositing at a Casino with Paysafecard

If you’re not yet familiar with paysafecard, no need to worry – getting a hang of how to use it is really simple! All you need to do is find a store which sells them (usually any newsagent’s, bookstores or supermarkets), choose the prepaid amount – either up to £100 or £175 at PayPoint – and you’re set! Depositing at an online casino with paysafecard is the same as using the card elsewhere. The 16-digit pin at the back of your card will serve as verification of the payment source, along with you defining how much you want to put in, of course. You won’t need to worry much about availability, either. There are plenty of online casinos with paysafecard payments. In fact, it’s pretty much a standard accepted form of deposits. If the wide availability and ease of use don’t convince you, another selling point is the fact that you have total control over your online gambling spending. You can choose to have a dedicated card just for paysafecard casinos, meaning you’ll be less likely to overspend in gaming. And if you have several cards with leftover funds on them, you can combine the amounts on various cards to make up a larger sum simply by putting in all applicable PINS.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Paysafecard
  • No exposure of personal data
  • Added control over spending with prepaid limit
  • Deposit funds from several cards at once
  • Withdrawals are not common

As is the case with any other payment type, there are good and bad sides. With paysafe, the added control over spending is both a pro and a con at the same time, since you’re also lacking the flexibility to add more money into your online casino account if you’ve reached the bottom of your prepaid funds. In this case you’ll have to get another card and take it from the top. Another drawback might be that withdrawals of your winnings are not always possible with paysafe – but this might change in the coming years as this payment method grows in popularity.

Online Casino Paysafecard Payments and Bonuses

There’s not much in the way of special bonuses for prepaid users – meaning you won’t be treated to a reward at a paysafecard casino online, either. Nevertheless, there’s a myriad of excellent welcome bonus schemes which you can take advantage of. You’ll be able to claim these bonuses regardless of the payment option you choose, whether you play on a desktop or on a mobile device. If you’re keen to know more on how welcome bonuses work and how to find the best new player deal for you,read through our expert guide full of details on which rewards and conditions a welcome offer entails.

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And while it’s true that rewards for a specific type of payment are rare, there are always exceptions to the rule, as they say. In this case, PayPal is the right alternative if you’re on the market for an extra bonus. Users of this e-wallet can look forward to special perks at a couple of casinos, in addition to the numerous benefits of using this convenient and fast payment type.

Are Paysafecard Casino Payments Safe?

In terms of security and safety, it’s important to note that this is a double-sided issue. First off, you want to make sure that the casino you’re using has proper security and latest encryption technology in place to protect your personal and financial data from exposure. Additionally, each online casino with paysafecard payments is an authorized outlet, which means it’s been approved by paysafe. On the paysafecard end, the safety provisions do not differ from any other card payment – in fact, they might be even better because none of your personal information is needed. The 16-digit PIN number is the only number you’ll use during the online casino paysafecard payment, and you can always get in touch with customer support in case you notice any kind of suspicious activity.

  • Company Name:Paysafe Group Plc.
  • Founded In:2000
  • Address:Am Euro Platz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Contact the CompanyReach Out to Paysafe:
Account & Refund FeesCosts to Consider:
  • General Payments:Free
  • Refunds: £6
  • Maintenance Fee:£20 from 13th month on

And, as is the case with any online payments, watch out for scams and phishing attempts, especially fake email warnings that may prompt you to ‘confirm’ your personal details. You can disable your account and freeze your PIN if you suspect that an unauthorized charge has been made, and any confirmed refunds can be transferred back to you. For more on security, check out paysafecard’s guidelines on how to stay safe.

Casino Withdrawals with Paysafecard

It’s typically not yet common for online casinos to offer withdrawals via paysafecard. However, there’s a handful of operators who do so, with more casinos possibly jumping on that bandwagon in the future. Paysafe’s Payout service is only as old as 2015 and services a group of 30 merchants and growing. If your casino of choice offers this, you’re in the clear if you have a registered account at paysafe. After you request your withdrawal, the money will be credited to your account directly from the online casino.

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If you’ve deposited with paysafecard but your online casino doesn’t allow withdrawals, you’ll always be able to use an replacement withdrawal method. For instance, common alternatives may involve payments carried out via bank transfer or credit card.

Final Words on Paysafecard Casino Online Payments

Paysafecard is surely one of the biggest prepaid card providers out there. It enjoys a certain status and level of trust among UK users, whether in online casinos or beyond. Funding your gambling deposits this way may be indeed a right call – especially if fast processing, security and increased control in spending are your priorities. Paysafecard is generally accepted in casinos online, so you won’t have to search too long to find the right gaming outlet. In fact, you can speed things up a bit by browsing our selection of best casino sites in the UK, all fully licensed, trustworthy and with an excellent game selection!