Best Real Money Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is the top game of choice for many a player – whether they choose to play online or offline – and the point that makes this popular game so attractive boils down to one simple thing: the chance of winning. As is it, this is a game with one of the best return rates out of tens of different casino games – if you play it right, that is. And that’s why real money blackjack is a top-hitter among casino aficionados worldwide. Keen to play? Here are some of our best online casino picks for this classic card game.

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The casinos above are all a fantastic choice for playing blackjack for real cash online. With rewarding bonus packages, fantastic game variants and even blackjack-related promotions, you’ll be in good hands in one – or all three – of these online gambling sites. If you’re keen to deepen your knowledge on twenty one, read on to find how to pick the best casino to play at, and what to consider when playing this card game for cold, hard moolah. Curious stories and a preview of newest trends is also in store.

How to Make the Best Blackjack Casino Choice

When it comes to playing blackjack for real money, it’s certainly not as straight straightforward as buying a pint at your local. Sometimes, what you see is, in fact, not what you get, and, as it turns out, there’s a considerable number of bad apples among the vast array of online casinos. So what is one to do when looking for the best pick of the bunch?

The best course of action is to always, without exception, aim only for reliable, licensed and top-ranked casinos when you’re in it to win real cash. Though the UK gambling market is well regulated, including a provision that all casinos obtain a licence, there are many non-UK casinos which may seem like a perfect place to play, with an attractive offer and unbelievable claims. If you’re enticed by a particular flashy site, always check if it appears in trustworthy casino reviews.

A good casino choice doesn’t lie solely on the credentials: you should also consider your own player profile when picking your next blackjack casino. If you like fast rounds and some strategic thinking, you’ll be alright with twenty one and its many variants. Depending on the variant you play, yourbest strategy might vary slightly, so it’s good to stay aware of what each variant brings along. Players who miss the feeling of playing at a land-based casino can stick to live blackjack tables, where you’ll encounter the classic variant in high and low-stakes versions.

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Speaking of high or low wagers, keeping your budget in mind is crucial when playing blackjack for real money. Some casinos cater more to high or low stakes players more than others, so you should set the record straight on whether a site satisfies your expectations based on what your budget allows. Once you’ve got that settled, also double check that your preferred payment options are available. Though the most common payment types like to credit cards or Skrill will be easy to find at many casinos, some of the best blackjack sites also opt for PayPal, including one casino where you can scoop up a PayPal bonus.

A Game Rich in Variants

Some casino aficionados would perhaps say that twenty one is the best thing since sliced bread, but, in fact, this game has of course been around for much longer, enjoying unwavering popularity across cities and continents. The evolution of this quick and slick card game is also visible when you pop into one or other online blackjack casinos. Besides the classic variant, you’ll instantly recognise that there’s a several exciting blackjack variations to try and to master, each with a special rule or an enticing twist to the gameplay. Here’s our pick of the must-try spin-offs, considering the fantastic RTPs, side bets, and the thrill of the game itself.

Software developer Microgaming provides several fantastic real money blackjack variants, including Spanish 21 and Single Deck blackjack. Each comes with slightly tweaked rules and different side bets – you can read about these in our dedicated game reviews by clicking the image!

Each of these games are showcased in further detail on our dedicated reviews which you’ll find by clicking on the links above, and there’s also a chance to test these variants out for free in our demo player.

NetEnt also provides several top-ranking blackjack variants. Try Double Exposure, a game where the whole of the dealer’s hand is on display before you act, or Pontoon for a thrilling new British game experience! Read more about the games and play for free in our reviews!

When it comes to live blackjack, you’ll generally just find the classic variant, supplemented by some novelty titles ever so often. One of these is Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party, a low-stakes bustling variant with two dealers and an unlimited number of players via scalable bet behinds.

Game RTP and Game-Related Variations

Speaking of real money blackjack variants, we should point out that each of these slight game modifications comes with a slightly different RTP – or the return to player percentage. Simply put, RTP is the percentage of your wagered money which you will get back when you play over an extended period of time, and each game comes with its own RTP on the account of each game having slightly different rules, inadvertently affecting your chances to win. Also worth noting is that in this game, you’ll often hear the term ‘house edge’ which refers to the portion of wagers the house (aka the dealer/casino) will get to keep over an extended play period. Essentially, however, the house edge is nothing more than an inverted RTP. This means that if Pontoon’s highest possible RTP is 99.66%, the house edge will be 0.34%. Generally speaking, blackjack can be a very high paying real money game – if you play your proverbial cards right. Looking for the best real money variants, you should, however, not only aim for the highest percentage number, but also consider how interesting or thrilling you find that particular variant, or how well you might master the special rule it brings along.

One constant within the sea of game variants and differing RTPs is the typical blackjack terminology. The classic commands and move stay largely the same across, so game jargon won’t stand in the way of playing for and hopefully winning real cash. If you do get so lucky, be aware of the various payment methods, including those for withdrawals.

Best Blackjack Casino Bonuses

This industry is swarming with enticing offers, left and right – and that’s no surprise! With a market as saturated as the online casino niche is, you’ve got operators vying for your attention with competitive bonus offers, and these are yours to have if you satisfy some inevitable conditions. When looking to play blackjack for real money, this is where you really want to get the most bang for your buck, provided you’ve got a good overview (which we do!) and a bit of strategic thinking.

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Out of the array of bonuses, you may note that some make more sense to real money blackjack players than others. For instance, a welcome bonus that allows you to only play slots for a wagering requirement contribution will be no good to you. So that’s why it’s always a good idea to read the small print and find out just how much of your wagered money goes towards satisfying those pesky bonus T&C’s. After all, what good is a bonus if you can never achieve to have it paid out? The same goes for no-deposit bonuses.

There might be some live bonuses, however, which can sweeten the deal for you in an instant. Humble contributions to your player account, these bonuses typically give you extra cash to spend on live casino games, including live blackjack for real money, of course. Last but not least, there might be some interesting membership perks and promotions that will be right up your alley if you’re an avid player. For instance, 888casino offers regular live blackjack promotions, and so does 32Red!

Playing on the Go

Image showing a online mobile real money blackjackIt should be no surprise that you can play rounds and rounds of fantastic blackjack games while on the move as well – the iGaming industry has exploded with developments and advancements that make playing on a handheld device a breeze. And mobile blackjack, in fact, belongs to the group of top mobile casino games, with software developers going to great lengths to provide newer, slicker and more user-friendly optimisation than ever before.

Whether you play on a native app platform or simply access your casino and real money blackjack game of choice through a simple browser-based app, you will find that there are certain pluses and minuses to playing this game on a mobile. Whether that’s a deal-breaker is up to you. For instance, having access to your favourite variant while on the go is a priceless feature to have, especially if you’re an avid player. On the other hand, being able to focus while you play might be a priority to you, and that’s where mobile blackjack for real money may not be the best choice – though that also depends on where you’re located. Playing on a crowded bus certainly involves a lot more outside stimulation than deciding whether to Hit or Stand while playing on a tablet from the comfort of your couch, so you should address these differences if you’re picky for a particular gaming environment.

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Real Money Blackjack

Blackjack is a dated but by-no-means boring game. An attractive casino staple, this game has claimed many victims, and made many winners – with some interesting anecdotes and statistics contributing to the collective cache of blackjack curiosities and blowout wins.

Blackjack Hall of Fame: Paying homage to one of the most iconic card games ever, the Blackjack Hall of Fame was opened in 2002 to honour the biggest names in the history of this card game. If you make it to the sunny SoCal, swing by San Diego to peruse info on famed experts, players and book authors. Or try to land a spot on the glitzy wall as well – there’s a sweet incentive of each inductee receiving a lifetime comp for food and beverages, as well as accommodation at the Barona Casino. What’s the catch? You must agree never to play at this casino’s tables.

Blackjack Blacklist: You’ve surely heard of card-counting, the infamous blackjack strategy where the player depends on having a precise overview of card distribution within a deck, combined with probability and risk assessment. Well, as you might imagine, casinos don’t take lightly to this technique. So much so, that there is even a book with all the blacklisted card-counters who are subsequently banned from all casinos. On this list you’ll even find none other than Ben Affleck, of Good Will Hunting and Argo fame, who got booted from the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas for card-counting. Maybe if Ben had stuck to playing twenty one for cash online he wouldn’t have landed in this predicament!

Don Johnson the Blackjack Master: Not to be confused with Miami Vice’s own Don Johnson, this gambler belongs in the list of highest blackjack winners ever with a legendary cumulative win of 15 million. He played at various casinos over the course of half a year, whereby he not only excelled at this game but also negotiated special deals with the casinos on high roller paybacks, and also strategically chose tables that allowed four-hand splits, doubles without restrictions and dealers who stopped dealing at soft 17.

The Blackjack Bonus: There used to be some extras up for grabs when playing the famous card game for real money back in the day, namely the little-known blackjack bonus. This ten-to-one paying bonus used to be quite common in American casinos just as the game of 21 was becoming more popular. How would one get it? By having a blackjack hand that includes an ace of spades. The bonus appeal was so strong, in fact that blackjack got its name precisely from this hand.

Kerry Packer’s Generous Table Manners: Another hard-hitting player, this time an Australian billionaire, made a name for himself with astronomical wins at the blackjack tables in Vegas. His biggest win was 20 million while playing up to 8 hands at the same time at the MGM Grand. After claiming his win, he left a hefty 1 million sum as a tip to his dealers!

The Future of Real Money Blackjack Games

The tide is high with the current status quo of online blackjack, with ultra-modern live streamed tables and sophisticated virtual games and apps. But there’s surely more in store for this game, with technology paving the way for new approaches to the blackjack casino concept. 3D blackjack is already on the market, courtesy of KamaGames, and virtual reality blackjack is also available on Oculus and similar VR platforms. Complete with corresponding hand movements, close virtual dealer interaction and an all-round immersive feeling, you can get right into the centre of the action as soon as you put on your goggles. And we expect more from this field in years to come, perhaps moving from avatar-like dealers to a more life-like representation.

Real Money Blackjack Wrap-Up

Still on the fence about real money blackjack? Well, you’ve got our roundup of the best blackjack sites where you can get the most bang for your buck, and the overview of variants will serve as a handy guideline in picking the right variation for you. Surely, there are some tips and tricks on how to choose the best blackjack casino, and you should also be well aware of your own preferences and skills as a player to be able to better judge a fitting site from a waste of time. If you’re new to the world of blackjack casinos, take a look at our general beginner’s guide to online casinos and follow the tips contained within to get the hang of this industry fast.

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