Finding the Best Real Money Casino for UK Players

Where can you get more bang for your buck? It’s a frequently uttered phrase in this game, and we know it’s probably on your mind as you search for the right online casino. You want to find the best real money casino known to mankind, but there is so much choice and you don’t have a clue where to start. You want to win big, to have fun, and you want it to be fair and hassle-free. In light of this, we designed this site to be prodigiously bookmarkable to anyone of your ilk. Real money punters: you’ll find the answers you are looking for, right here.

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Safe Real Money Games

All casinos listed on this site have passed our strict approval process and are fully licenced and regulated. Playing at the best online casinos for real money is safe and secure.

Payment Options

All of our recommended real money casinos come with a whole host of different payment options, making deposits easy. We also ensure our ratings favour operators that allow for quick and painless withdrawals.

Welcome Bonus

When playing with real money, you’ll be able to access welcome bonuses that require a deposit. Take advantage of various promotions and get extra profit with extra credit.

Customer Service

The great and friendly support of our tested operators won us over. All recommended operators have provided the answers. Real money players get the VIP treatment.

If you elect to read the advice on these pages, instead of skimming through it and clicking mindlessly on brightly coloured, flashing buttons, you should know that the information comes from our team of knowledgeable casino connoisseurs. As a (potential) real cash gambler, we are here to help you make the right and the safe choice.

What to Keep in Mind When Considering Real Money Play

Playing with money need not be like playing with fire. It’s wise to do your research, though. Real money casinos are also in it to make a profit, and you can be sure there will be some with a trick or two up their sleeve. Our researchers are experienced in looking out for these tricks, and consequently, we’ve dutifully omitted operators that don’t cut the mustard. Take the time to read our reviews and understand what makes a reliable casino and what gives them the right to garner a good reputation.

However, before you scrutinise the best real money online casinos, you have some soul searching to do. What do you want from the experience? Money, of course. But it’s worth considering what kind of punter you are. Consider which types of games you will end up playing; consider how much disposable cash you can set aside; consider how often you play. Bonuses, loyalty programs and other promotions are set up in various ways that can target high rollers or occasional gamblers.

A woman deciding what to do with her money

Increasingly, real money casino fans can be found playing on public transport, in fields, or even on the tops of mountains. We can only verify one of those, but we reckon it must be true. The rise of smart phones, tablets and other assorted mobile devices has changed the playing habits of punters the world over. The chance to have a quick spin on the way to work is an appealing prospect and a great way to fill the time. If you think that it could be you standing there on the mountain, smartphone in hand, face cemented in some exciting slot, then you’ll find our comprehensive mobile casino section very useful indeed.

How Is Online Real Money Gaming Different from Land-Based Gambling?

Playing at real money casinos online differs sharply from the experience of visiting a real bricks and mortar casino. Yes, you are playing for cash; the prizes are real, and you can’t expect free-play tables in Vegas or Grosvenor like you can find online. You’ll get some funny looks when you try to raise the stakes with a handful of peanuts. Online casinos also afford you the luxury of playing without getting dressed up or calling a taxi.

Additionally, the incentives for the operator vary. Online casinos can play host to thousands of players simultaneously – all of whom can just as quickly leave as they arrived. Operators need to cater to new players and earn their loyalty with regular bonuses and rewards. The sheer volume of punters also facilitates some mammoth jackpot prizes, shared among many different slots games.

A classic casino scene compared with an online punter

There is definitely something about a land-based casino that cannot be cut and pasted into an online counterpart. The atmosphere, the smell, the free drink, the actual communication with real human beings…some of these are impossible to properly recreate through a computer. However, with live dealer games becoming a big thing online, the gap has been bridged, somewhat. In some online casinos, you can now talk to the dealer and even view them shuffling the cards from 15 different angles, should that be your source of inspiration. With the dawn of virtual reality casinos, we suspect the trend will continue.

Getting Into the Online Real Money Casino Mode

Involving yourself with an online casino can be a daunting thing to newbies. You’ve heard horror stories of how people have gotten addicted, lost a ton of money, and had to auction off vital organs on the black market. You’ve heard of punters who’ve had to file lawsuits against crooked operators who refused to pay out on a big win. Well, there are also plenty of success stories to tip the scales, and the best real money online casinos do their best to circumvent these issues by providing help for customers where needed, and by simplifying the sign-up process so that anyone over 18 can easily comprehend. Without further ado, here are the six steps taking you from diddly squat to top of the pops.

How to play for real money online

Keep your eyes peeled for the return-to-player rate, which should be adorned on a operator’s website. Reputable, trustworthy real money casinos will have this on display, and not hidden on page 354 of its terms and conditions. Also keep in mind, the jackpot games. Even the most ardent blackjack fan might want a paddle in the pool of jackpot slots at some point. In our humble opinion, the best real moolah casino operators all include jackpot slots in their arsenal. Some do more than others, and there is a big discrepancy. There are plenty of jackpot-tracking sites out there that can help you find the biggest real money wins on the internet.

How to Make the Most of a Bonus

Claiming a bonus is as easy as pie. In some cases, it’s triggered automatically upon sign-up, and you have to manually opt out. Some require deposits first, while others can be wagered before you even put your hand in your wallet. To get your hands on the full, advertised bonus amount, you need to fulfil the requirements stipulated, and normally within a certain timeframe. So, playing regularly in the first weeks can benefit you more than signing up, forgetting about it, then later returning from your hiatus.

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Some welcome bonuses come with free spins on slots. These can often be tethered to particular slots, but nine times out of ten, it will be a popular slot that you may end up trying anyway. It’s also possible to find welcome bonuses that include free-play credit to be used on various games.

Cash Deposits

Except for rare cases, there is no real money gaming without real money deposits. It’s something you should expect, and it makes a lot of sense. The cases where you can pick up a no-deposit bonus and play for real cash are tied to strenuous conditions that are hard to comply with and will result in you having to deposit money at a later date. For example, you may be required to spend your bonus on particular games, within a short timeframe, and any winnings can only be claimed after you then make a deposit. It’s also normal when you are only allowed to withdraw a small percentage of your win.

Online casinos make it nice and simple to make a deposit. Unless you’ve gotten used to trading using matchsticks or farm animals, you’ll be fine. Methods do vary from site to site, but the ones you are probably familiar with, are probably there.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin isn’t very prevalent, but some sites such as NetBet, are paving the way. Meanwhile, PayPal is almost everywhere there’s an online real money casino. Paying by bank transfer or cheque is possible, and these days many operators allow you to add your expenses to your phone bill.

Remember to always keep an eye on the fine print regarding processing times, fees, and deposit and withdrawal limits. If you want to be considered among the best online casinos for real money, you’ll make these easy to find on your website.

The Best Real Money Casinos are at Your Fingertips

Finding a real cash casino should be easier for you now. Your mind is set, and you are just a few clicks away. We’ve recommended our favourite places to play on this page, and you should now have the knowledge to find the most suitable of the rest yourself. On that note, we’ve got more excellent casinos rated and reviewed on this very site. Could you become the next record jackpot winner on slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune? Or, will you find a lucky live dealer table to keep you entertained? The real money casino world is your oyster.

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