Pinball Roulette – Arcade Meets Table

Between the classic roulette types and novelty variants, there are a few special games that stand out – and Pinball Roulette is one of them. Following the basic principle of this classic table game, this variant puts an interesting twist on things with the use of an arcade game of pinball as a replacement for the wheel – something that you don’t see every day. There are certain neat features and advantages for this roulette version, and we’ll take a look at these in the following paragraphs. Game instructions and best online casino tips are there as well, so stick around! But before you read on, play Pinball Roulette for free in our demo below!

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How to Play: Pinball Roulette Game at a Glance

As in normal game variants, betting occurs on the table, which looks the same as otherwise, with a grid of numbers and section fields for each dozen, first and second half, even or odd numbers and red or black. You’ll find that the betting types closely resemble those of French Roulette, including split, corner and street options. Neighbour bets are selectable by clicking on the number ledge along the bottom – by selecting a particular number, you’ll bet on its two immediate neighbours on either side, so five numbers at a time. If you’re rather the impatient kind, the Turbo Bet control might come in handy, speeding up the pinball process and cutting straight to the chase with the ball being launched and directly landing into a chance number.

Pinball Roulette: Layout and Functionality
The Pinball Roulette Table
Screenshot showing the layout of a Pinball Roulette table

The table is divided similarly to a standard roulette one, with bet sections for each dozen, as well as halves, colours and even or odd numbers. Neighbours bets can be selected along the bottom of the table, too. Turbo bets and repeat bets are available.    

The Pinball Roulette Arcade
Preview of a Pinball Roulette arcade

This variant does not rely on the spinning wheel to determine the winning numbers. Instead, a pinball machine with lit-up bumpers sends the ball falling into a pocket. The number pockets aren’t static – they glide along the bottom ledge as the ball falls. 

Once you click on ‘Bet’ the screen switches to view the pinball machine alongside the table, and you can watch how the ball shoots up through the chute and dribbles down as it bounces off the lit- up bumpers and levers. The numbers along the bottom ledge move slowly from right to left, somewhat mimicking the movement element. A neat addition to this game is the possibility to gamble your winnings, should you be so lucky. If you accept the gamble option, another ball is launched, going through an obstacle course of bumpers to determine the size of a multiplier for your winnings. This is a fantastic way to get the biggest bang for your buck, though be careful – you can, of course, lose it all if the ball lands in the left and right outermost bottom corners.

Advantages and Selling Points

The biggest eye-catcher of a Pinball Roulette game is the fact that it leaves out the traditional wheel while giving you all the betting options and thrill of a standard European Roulette game. It’s an interesting twist on the classic – one that you don’t see that often, might we add. The game also offers you certain flexibility in wagering. You can choose from as low as 10p all the way up to a whopping £1,000! The 11 betting options make this game perfect for fans of the Martingale betting strategy, thanks to the added flexibility in determining your betting power. And, of course, the aforementioned gamble feature is something you won’t find in other roulette games, so we’d recommend taking advantage of this extra here.

Pinball Roulette: Free or for Real Money at a Top Online Casino

Keen to move on from the free Pinball Roulette games and play for real money now? Then head down to one of our recommended casinos and play this thrilling roulette spin-off, courtesy of the game makers at Ash Gaming. Truly one of a kind, this variant is rivaled only by other novelty roulette games such as Card Roulette, for example. For a general overview of this table game classic, head to our introduction to roulette, where you might spot other exciting takes on this casino favourite!

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