Mini Roulette Online – When Less is More

There’s a fair chance that if you’re a fan of online roulette, you’ve already come across its little cousin – Mini Roulette. Handy for those who find a standard wheel too cluttered and bets to cumbersome, this simplified version takes things down a few notches with just 13 slots on the wheel. We’ve got some details on the various bet types, odds and payouts, so stick around! In the meantime, take a look at the game layout below. Coming up are details on the how to play this game online – get a head start in getting to know all the betting possibilities!

A game or Mini Roulette - in-game screenshot
  • Compact, Simplified Layout
  • Take Advantage of La Partage Rule! 
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How to Play Mini Roulette Online: Wheel Layout and Odds

As the name already gives away, everything is smaller in Mini Roulette, including the wheel. While standard European Roulette and French Roulette wheels contain 37 pockets (36 numbers and a zero), and an American variant has got 38 (36 numbers, zero and double zero), this game offers numbers 1 through 12 and a single zero pocket. This comes out to 13 slots for the ball to fall into. This means your odds on a single number bet are automatically lower than in the other standard regional variants and you have a higher likelihood of landing that single number bet! The rules are simple and do not deviate much from standard roulette. You place your chips on the table depending how you want to bet – single number, corner, even, odd, etc. The croupier – or, in this case, the computer – spins the wheel and you wait for the ball to land in one of the pockets.

Mini Roulette Wheel and Table Layout: A Closer Look
The Table and Wheel
Layout of the Mini Roulette wheel and table

The table is small and easy to grasp, with 12 numbers and a zero slot. Even and odd bets, as well as black and red are available like in normal roulette. Fewer numbers means better odds of landing one of the 13 available slots. 

Mini Roulette from Playtech
Mini Roulette logo

Mini Roulette from the game-makers at Playtech will please those who want a quick start into roulette and perhaps don’t dare to go ‘full size’ just yet. This provider is known for varied and innovative software – as this game shows.

Since the wheel and the table are smaller by a good 24 (or 25) numbers, you won’t be able to make exactly the same types of bets as in a full-size roulette game. For instance, ‘Dozen’ isn’t available, meaning ‘Premier’, ‘Milieu’ and ‘Demier’ are irrelevant here. Instead, however, you can make a half dozen bet, covering 1 to 6, 4 to 9 or 7 to 12. Simple chance bets as well as corners, streets and splits are available.

Odds and Payouts in Mini Roulette

Bet Type Odds Payout
Simple Chances 46.15% 1:01
Half Dozen
46.15% 1:01
Corner/Square 30.77% 2:01
Column 30.77% 2:01
Trio/Street 23.08% 3:01
Cheval/Split 15.38% 5:01
7.69% 11:01
House edge: 3.58% with La Partage

Advantages and Tips

Bigger is better, as they say, though here the opposite might be true – especially with a specific type of player audience which might indeed appreciate the reduction in size from the typically overwhelming European, American, or French Roulette. These standard variants come in 37 or 38 numbers strong and have expanded betting options, so a Mini Roulette game is, by contrast a lot easier to grasp. Perfect for new players who are still learning and minimalists alike, this game is definitely a worthwhile variant. Also, easier on your concentration, it’s a great game to play while multitasking with other online casino game offerings.

Bet Descriptions
Plein Wager on a single number by placing your chips directly on the number
Cheval Wager on two adjacent numbers by placing your chips on the line between them
Trio Place your chips on the line on top of 3 adjacent numbers
Column Column of four numbers: place your chips on at the top of the column
Corner Four numbers in a square pattern: place chips on line intersecting the four numbers
Half Dozen Bet One of three ranges of 6 numbers; Place chips at the top of the appropriate column
Pair Even numbers (simple chances): place your chips on the designated field
Impair Odd numbers (simple chances): place your chips on the designated field
Rouge Red (simple chances): place chips on the designated field
Noir Black (simple chances): place chips on the designated field

Another big plus here is the fact that some online casinos may offer Mini Roulette online in combination with a slightly modified La Partage rule. Normally, La Partage dictates that even money bets receive half of their wager back if the ball lands on zero. Now, in Mini Roulette, this rule extends for all bets, even straight up bets. These cases have an immediate positive outcome on the player’s finances, and the otherwise big house edge of this game therefore also shrinks by half, giving players a more favourable 3.85% edge to work with. So, even though there’s no designated Mini Roulette strategy, our best advice is to look for games that employ this extended La Partage-like principle when you play Mini Roulette – your player account will thank you!

Where to Spin the Mini Roulette Wheel

Though you may already be well familiar with its bigger standard roulette cousins, this pocket-sized variant is still a good pick of the bunch if you’re after something less cluttered and more low key. Easy to learn rules with a smaller table and higher individual bet odds, this table classic variant will surely please rookies and seasoned players alike – especially with the La Partage rule applied in some providers’ Mini Roulette game software. If you’ve got your fill information on this game, head over to our recommended real money casino with the link below and play Mini Roulette online! You can score a welcome bonus too! For more online casino inspiration, you can browse our selection of top UK sites for more games!

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