Who Are We and What Is Our Mission

We would love to tell you that we started this site to change the world but the truth of the matter was this site was born out of frustration. Probably like you, we were fed up with not being able to find the information we required about online casinos.

As friends our journey started playing fruit machines in pubs and clubs, it wasn’t unheard of for us to jump into a car and travel 100 miles to play a slot machine we knew well and had information on to maximise our chances of winning. When not travelling the width and the breadth of the country looking for an elusive ‘bandit’ we would visit land-based casinos, it’s fair to say this is where our love affair with casinos started.

Fast forward ten years and almost all of our gambling now takes place online. We are avid online casino fans and wanted to share the information and experience we have gained which between us which totals over 35 years, to help both new and existing players find an online casino that is a perfect fit.

We all have different favourite games so chances are you will be able to relate to at least one of us! We have tried to make our reviews as detailed as they can be to give you as much help in deciding as possible.

We have had some very bad experiences at online casinos ranging from non payment of winnings to identity theft so we have included information to help you stay safe online. All our recommended casinos come with our personal ‘thumbs up’.

Meet the Team

So now that you know a little bit about what we are trying to achieve with the site, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce the team! Each one of us has our own pages which details a bit about us, our favourite casino games, our best wins and the articles we have written. We hope you find this insight into the team useful.

Have Fun but Please Play Responsibly

According to the latest Gambling Commission report, 73% of the UK participate in some form of gambling each year and for the vast majority of people it is a fun, exciting hobby which brings enjoyment into their daily lives. However, some people can find they may develop a problem with their gambling and this can have an impact on both their financial and social well-being. If anyone you know is affected by issues relating to gambling, you can find information to help at Gamcare or Gamblers Anonymous.

Wishing you the best of luck, Tony, Ken & Stephen.